Women with Big Butts Healthier & Smarter

Having buttocks like those of Kim Kardashian is beneficial not only because they can pave your way to fame and fortune. The scientists from Oxford University found that women with bigger butts have excellent health, and are generally smarter than their peers without such forms.


According to ABC News, the specialists surveyed 16,000 representatives of the fairer sex. As a result, the researchers concluded that the women whose buttocks were larger than average, would get sick less often than the owners of more modest sizes. However, the authors emphasize the fact that this relationship is true only in relation to women with large buttocks, but not obese and quite slim ones.

According to experts, better health among the owners of big buttocks is explained by the fact that these women tend to have lower blood cholesterol levels.

As the expert explains, it causes the body to work better during the processing of sugar and, therefore, it is less likely to have diabetes or heart problems.
The study also found that the women who have more fat on the buttocks have a better metabolism. In addition, their body is characterized by increased levels of leptin, which indicates a serious anti-inflammatory protection.

As for the mind, the experts do not see anything surprising about the fact that slim women with large buttocks are smart. According to them, the constitution with no excess weight, but with lush buttocks, means that the body contains enough omega-3 fats. This, in turn, catalyzes the development of the brain.

Note that it is not the first time bigger buttocks attract the increased interest of scientists. In particular, researchers from California and Pittsburgh have found that Women with big hips are considered disproportionate. Women live longer with more modest forms. In addition, it was found that the children born to women with big hips are intellectually superior over the children of Chinese and Japanese mothers.

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