Teenager Girl Was about to Die of Using Tampax Tampons


Such cases are rare: only one woman out of every three million may suffer from a toxic shock syndrome caused by using tampons in the critical days. In the UK, the 15-year-old Paige Roffey appeared to be in such a rare situation.

Paige Roffey Had Toxic Shock Using Tampax Tampons

The girl had been using a tampon for only 4 hours, before she lost consciousness when being at home. She was immediately taken to emergency doctors. At first, the experts could not determine what was wrong. Thinking it might have been a virus, the girl was even taken home, but she lost consciousness again, and then the schoolgirl was brought back to the doctors.

Paige was in a very serious condition, when the doctors managed to tell the correct diagnosis – toxic shock syndrome. It was caused by the use of tampons. Toxic shock syndrome is characterized by the penetration of bacteria into the blood. The schoolgirl was brought to an artificial coma state for two days, since her condition was severe. During this period of time, she was prescribed strong medicines, and the doctors fought for her life, as she was on the point of dying.

The girl’s Mom, 39-year-old Sarah, confesses that she even started thinking about the daughter’s funeral. She and her husband did not leave the sick daughter’s bed even for a minute, constantly changing each other. Fortunately, Paige’s state improved and she was able to leave hospital after 10 days.

The state of toxic shock is a rare phenomenon, but it is very dangerous to life. It occurs when the bacteria, basically safe for the skin and living on its surface, penetrate into the bloodstream and begin to produce noxious toxins. One of the first symptoms is the fall in blood pressure. Other symptoms, which include muscle pain and diarrhea, may be confused with enteric infections or stomach flu.

The mother and the daughter are now trying to do everything to tell people about the toxic shock, Paige distributes leaflets in her school telling about the dangers of toxic shock. Paige used Tampax tampons; the representatives of the manufacturer assured that they were happy to learn about the schoolgirl’s recovery. In their turn, they are conducting an independent research of the effects of using tampons, and these studies have not been completed yet.

Source of the image: Dailymail.