Those Born in Summer Are More Prone to Nearsightedness


The scientists suspect that visual acuity may be associated with the month of birth. For example, nearsightedness (or myopia) of the secondary and higher degree is more common among those born in June or July.

Woman in glasses

A group of Israeli doctors have examined 300 thousand people. The participants were divided into three groups, which included short-sighted people. The groups were matched according to the degree of myopia. It was found that short-sightedness of the secondary and higher degree is more common to people born during the first and the second months of summer. Accordingly, people born in winter have been diagnosed as having weak short-sightedness. The scientists believe this relationship is due to different conditions of lighting at different times of the year.

The doctors remind that people should enrich their food with the products containing much Omega-3 acid, such as fatty fish, to prevent the development of myopia. The experts say that if you eat fish at least once a week, it will reduce the probability of eyesight weakening by 50%.

To save eyesight, one must follow such rules:

  • not to read while lying down and in transport;
  • to choose a well-lit place to work in;
  • to use special glasses for the computer;
  • to do exercises for eyes during the breaks at work;
  • to use drops to prevent dry eyes.

Source of the image: Photl.