How to Become Less Lazy

Laziness has a genetic nature, according to the scientists from McMaster University, Canada. The doctors have identified the genes which, in their state of “deep sleep”, can make an active worker lazy.


The experiment was conducted on rodents. The genes of one group of mice, responsible for energy balance in the cells of body muscle, were “deactivated”. These genes are contained in the AMP-activated protein kinase – an enzyme responsible for supplying cells with energy.

The doctors have examined the behavior of two groups of mice. Normal mice were constantly in motion, the mice with “disabled” genes were less active and lethargic. The studies of genetically modified mice have shown that their cells contain far fewer mitochondria, which provide energy. So, the scientists have hypothesized that AMPK determines the number of mitochondria: the energy balance in the body is normal if the enzyme is functioning normally.

Previous studies showed that the production of mitochondria is stimulated by exercise. Fitness exercises cure a person from laziness. And if the person yields to indolence and is less engaged in exercises, it is a way to become even lazier.

Source of the image: Photl.

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