Yoga Doesn't Help Lose Weight

The trainer of many celebrities, Matt Roberts, has made a statement that yoga does not affect the weight and beauty of the figure.


Many people do yoga instead of sweating in a sports gym, but in reality it does not bring the expected result. John Brewer from the University of Bedfordshire confirms that the practice of yoga will never lead to the desired weight loss. So people should not believe the stars who claim the opposite.

The University of Wisconsin has initiated testing the efficiency of yoga in terms of fitness. To do this, the researchers created a group of 34 women, leading a sedentary lifestyle. They had to do yoga 3 times per week, 55 minutes each time, during the period of two months. It turned out that yoga could not change the figure or affect the weight.

The scientists have estimated that strength training (hatha yoga), which is supposed to replace aerobic exercises, allows to burn the total of 237 calories during 55 minutes. For instance, mowing the lawn burns 250 calories an hour.

Source of the image: Photl.

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