Make an Insult – Go to Jail


A man should go to jail for calling his wife “ugly”! Such proposal, according to Dailymail, was made by the Women‘s Development Department in Malaysia. The initiators demand that the Government acknowledges “emotional violence” as crime.

Prison Handcuffs

Noorul Ainur Mohamad Nur, the head to the department, says that insults bring serious harm to the woman’s dignity and self-respect. If the bill is adopted, any man could find himself in prison for calling his wife ugly or making her feel emotionally oppressed.

Some 800 women turned for help from the Women’s Aid organization over the last year. 90% of them complained about verbal insults, some about physical violence.

The bill is already supported by the human rights groups. However, the Parliament has not announced its verdict yet.

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  1. This article makes light of a serious problem and makes the man the victim. In many arranged marriages the wife cannot say anything bad to the husband in an argument, or to show her feelings against a decision he has made involving her or the kids, or else he has the right to beat her, and his and her family will blame her, as she is supposed to be perfect and obedient and adore him.

    Verbal abuse is said to be more destructive than physical abuse. Here I am talking about “abuse” and that is what the women are also talking about. To be told constantly told in front of the kids and others that she is a whore, an animal, worthless, useless, tasteless, ugly, should be dead, is to blame for anything the kids do wrong, is raising her kids wrong, and worse is hell, but she is not allowed to react, show her anger, cry (or else there she is snivelling again).

    It treats he like a possession or dumping ground for the man’s anger and frustration, and does take away her role as partner, and her dignity as a woman and a wife. Where the family and patriarchal culture will not call a man on his bullying of his wife, the women here are using the law to try to draw attention to this problem, and to change the values. They are being pro-active on a social problem. This is not frivolous, it is progress.

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