Circumcision Reduces Sexual Pleasure


According to Ghent University Hospital, circumcision, which a man has had in childhood or in adulthood, may impoverish his sex life because of the decreased susceptibility. This conclusion is based on the study, which involved 1369 men and had been conducted for more than 18 years.

The Fabled Perfect Man

The men spoke about their having or not having undergone circumcision, the degree of sensitivity (the scale from 0 to 5), the strength of orgasms; they were also asked if they experienced numbness or pain during sexual stimulation.

In general, 310 men were circumcised. Their level of sensitivity and sexual pleasure happened to be 0.2-0.4 points lower than in those men who had not undergone circumcision earlier in their life. Thus, the average sensitivity of the control group was 3.72, while the circumcised men had 3.31 points. Plus, the first group also had stronger orgasms.

Perhaps, the point is that the glans of the penis is in constant contact with the linen and clothes after circumcision. As a result of physical impact, the glans becomes denser, drier and less sensitive. This explains why male circumcision is often accompanied by numbness and pain during sexual excitation. All around the world, about 30% of men are circumcised. Apart from religious reasons, circumcision is believed to be an effective measure for reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.