American Woman Has a 16-Inch-Waist


American Kelly Lee Dickey has reduced her waist by two times for the sake of similarity with Jessica Rabbit, the cartoon heroine. To get closer to the ideal, the girl had to wear a waist corset for seven years.


27-year-old New Yorker Kelly Lee Dickey told how she had reduced her waist to the unrealistic small size. It all started with being fascinated with watching comics, in one of which she spotted the object of imitation for herself – Jessica Rabbit from the cartoon film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

At the age of 20, when Kelly just started using a slimming corset, her waist was 80 centimeters (16 inches). Now just a half of the original waist remains. Many women dream about the “hourglass” figure, but not every woman will venture to have such an obvious manifestation of it as Kelly.

But the girl’s passion is not entirely harmless. In a slimming dress, for example, it is difficult to go upstairs and carry heavy things.

Kelly finds it funny that a piece of fabric and a thread can easily control the body, radically changing the silhouette. Tight lacing turned her into her own superhero. But she never wears a corset in the gym because it is very dangerous.

Despite the possible health problems and malicious comments on the web, the girl is not going to give up her favorite thing from the wardrobe.

Kelly responds to the attacks of the public saying she has not changed merely for the sake of observing people’s reaction. She often says that her waist looks unnatural, but she also has blue hair – she just does not want to be like everyone else.