We Don’t Wanna Put in Lyrics – Stephane & 3G – Georgian Entry for Eurovision 2009


Today I’ve found one more song prepared for Eurovision 2009. It’s Georgian entry this time. The artists are Stephane and 3G. They will sing the song called “We Don’t Wanna Put in“. In the media this song is said to poke fun at former Russian president Vladimir Putin (hinting at last year’s war in South Ossetia). But I’m not going to talk about politics. I can say the following: with this pretty primitive music and these lyrics with a rather obscure meaning they hardly have a chance to win at the Eurovision, considering the fact that the contest will take place in Moscow.

Stephane & 3G – We Don’t Wanna Put in Song Words

Some people tell you the stories
To drag you down to the knees
But let me tell you, don’t worry
No worries, no worries

Another glass of my moonshine
Will kick the hell out of me
But let me focus on good stuff
Some good stuff, just good stuff

We don’t wanna put in the negative move
It’s killing the groove
I’m trying to shoot in some disco tonight
Boogie with you

So many people are whining,
They’re freakin’ all day long,
The bitchin’ will last forever
And ever, and ever

You better change your perspective,
Your life won’t be outta luck,
A groovy sun will be rising,
Be rising, it’s rising.

We don’t wanna put in
The negative move,
It’s killin’ the groove.

I’m a-try to shoot in
Some disco tonight
Boogie with you

I like all Europe contries, and I love Europa
Say: give me sexy yeaah
Give me sexy yeaah


  1. IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE! Georgia has to change the lyrics of the song or select a new one. Why would u wanna keep on arguing about something that does not only have one point of view?

  2. Kevin: Maybe I would not have kept on arguing if someone just said: “OK, it can have different points of view”. But that’s not the case. I exposed my arguments by pointing to verifiable facts, giving sources and without insulting anyone. Still, some people came and said we were just “aggresively repeating mass media produced thesis”… excuse me? So were are your arguments, then? Their only arguments are attacks “ad hominem” and to repeat out of date concepts like “soviet”, etc. And well, about the song: it’s just a silly cheesy Eurovision song, but look to the last verses: “I like all Europe contries, and I love Europa”… OMG, and still some dare to say WE are the brainwashed… LOL

  3. First and foremost, song is just song… And this one is making pretty funny point… So, I like it… Now to the discussion… I lived in Russia 11 years + 22 years in Ukraine, and know former USSR from inside. Also, I see Russian TV and communicate with Russian friends a lot now… Please, understand, Russian FSB (security police) has paid internet bloggers for propaganda. They under fake names, like for example “American” here, just do their dirty business. If you buy ticket and go to Russia for a week or two, even for few months, hardly you will understand country… So, better talk to us, who already know. Guess Western leader could afford to fight a song?! No way! But try to lough out god father… They will shot you up indefinitely… It is the difference… That is why when criminals took control of Cremlin in 1999 first they do – took control over all TV stations – NTV and others… Russians didn’t defend Ossetians… To the contrary they used conflict, which was not so difficult to solve if really desired… Instead, they used position of “peace keepers” among two small nations, Ossetians and Georgians, TO POISON THEIR RELATIONS further. How I know? I know this not only from Russians themselves, who simply say Georgians owe them too much to go like this… I know this from educated Ossetians… How would you believe in good intents toward Ossetians in South Ossetia, if in Moscow Russians name Ossetians, exactly as Georgians, a “black ass”? So, they hate them in Moscow, but unexpectedly “love” in Georgia so much, that gave them Russian passport INSTEAD of giving such passports to many ethnic Russian refugies from Middle Asia!!! Such immoral politics aiming to restore imperia is in every step of putin and his comrads… Do you believe imperia can survive LAUGHING out it’s imperor?! None did so far… That is why all and every word against putin seen as an offence againt Russia… Simply because putin already considers Russia to be himself and vice versa… Now he push this “smart idea” into Russian heads… So, do you understand now whole this discussion about simple funny song?… I am out of this now. Period.

  4. I like one guys comment here calling himself American and calling Georgia NAZI and he thinks we do not know that he is Russian then LOOL.

    Song Video is wicked and was premièred on UK MTV last night and i like it !! then i found so many Russian here arguing about Pu tin lool who the hell would talk about Brown or even Obama, i think all Russians love to be manipulated by their government, as always.

  5. to American: u should learn the meaning of democracy. Kennedy was killed because he was democratic and fair president. in russia not presidents, but journalists are killed by presidents. u say that russians felt sorry for ossetians and saved them. but why they didnt feel sorry for Georgians when in 1992-93 a lot of geirgians were killed and thrown out from abkhazia and south ossetia. they support the separatist in our country and this is when they call Chechenians separatist and they destroyed almost all nation. just leave us alone and everything will be alright

  6. i am georgian and so i like my countrey annd my people, iti is right that it isn’t good song, but i think that there is every tning right, i hate russia and i hate putin and i want to tell it, becouse they (russia0 killed many of georgians, many young people, this country is ugliest. i hate it :S

  7. hey by the way russia began war in georgia and everyone knows this.i am georgian i have seen everything by my eyes.russuans are bad

  8. That’s good disco style. But some last lines (‘I like all Europe contries, and I love Europa’) are just bad taste and overdoing it. I think there was a political need for such a song and I also beileve they did not get suprised or too much upset on being asked to change the lyrics/entry. Comparing with other contestants, it’s neither the worst nor the best, though it doesn’t really matter any more.

  9. you know what’s funny?
    some idiot calls himself american, just to act as if he was an authority.
    well never you mind.
    In my opinion the song is not very good, but at least people are speaking up about Putin still beeing in charge, inventing some new political position in order to stay in power.
    Man this guy (a**hole) even has a choir regularly promoting new Pro-Putin songs…..how sick is that? he’s not only a dictator, but he’s also stupid/powerful enough to try and make people believe he’s not.

  10. why everyone thinks that disco song is povocative. I don’t wanna PUT IN in my country too.
    I don’t wanna SHOOT IN either
    I’m living in croatia so i know how bastards can be cyrtillic ortodox morones PUT IN and MILOSEVIC

  11. you stupid russians! what do you think that Georgia, the country which has 25 centuries history, culture and traditions will have ever been a slave of unworthy RUssia? God bless Georgia ! I often think you are orthodoxs as Goergians, you pray as Georgians, but I can’t call you cristians, especially orthodoxs. I LOVE YOU GEORGIA! more than my self and more than my family… your country is huge, but none of the russians trust in god, that’s your fault. god will always help georgians in difficulties… and it is said that when the SECOND COME will be, god will talk to you in GEORGIAN! in GREECE people are learning Georgian… that is our country! and you my dear russians… don’t think you will win … ever… LOND LIVE GEORGIA!!!

  12. Im not even going to start. I am PROUD that I am GEORGIAN, please show me where you got this “God will talk in Georgian” so I can laugh of how bullshit gets into people’s heads? I really doubt God will talk in the language of somebody who is so arrogant (such as yourself).

    You have to understand, what I wrote is only aimed at people like Saakashvili. Georgia is a great country, and some of my best friends have georgian roots. However everybody on here tends to attack the nation as a whole. This is why the Balkan wars were fought. Because one nation believed they are that much better than the other. It is the people in the lead who are the problem. Come on, are you honestly going to defend or believe somebody who tried to eat his own tie and is pimping Georgia out to the states? Ukraine, all the ex-Soviet Bloc countries, including Russia have either people who do not know what the fuck they are doing, just weak leaders, or corrupt “pimps” who are willing to sell their country. You guys are just hateful of each other.

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