Katherine Heigl Suffers from Star Sickness

Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl has supposedly fell prey to star sickness. During the shooting of “27 Dresses”, Katherine Heigl, 30, wouldn’t keep on working until she got what she demanded. Katherine didn’t speak to minor actors on the set, always ate alone and never hung out with anybody after cameras were turned off.

A walk-on told blogger Perez Hilton that Heigl wouldn’t do another take until her pregnant assistant scurried away to bring her coke. She refused to have a lunch in a company and avoided talks. Though they spent two days working together for 10 hours, she never said hello to him and didn’t react when he tried to talk to her. According to another source, Heigl’s demands and attitude have already driven away the film makers with whom she cooperated before.

Source of the image: feministing.com.

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