We Don’t Wanna Put in Lyrics – Stephane & 3G – Georgian Entry for Eurovision 2009

Today I’ve found one more song prepared for Eurovision 2009. It’s Georgian entry this time. The artists are Stephane and 3G. They will sing the song called “We Don’t Wanna Put in“. In the media this song is said to poke fun at former Russian president Vladimir Putin (hinting at last year’s war in South Ossetia). But I’m not going to talk about politics. I can say the following: with this pretty primitive music and these lyrics with a rather obscure meaning they hardly have a chance to win at the Eurovision, considering the fact that the contest will take place in Moscow.

Stephane & 3G – We Don’t Wanna Put in Song Words

Some people tell you the stories
To drag you down to the knees
But let me tell you, don’t worry
No worries, no worries

Another glass of my moonshine
Will kick the hell out of me
But let me focus on good stuff
Some good stuff, just good stuff

We don’t wanna put in the negative move
It’s killing the groove
I’m trying to shoot in some disco tonight
Boogie with you

So many people are whining,
They’re freakin’ all day long,
The bitchin’ will last forever
And ever, and ever

You better change your perspective,
Your life won’t be outta luck,
A groovy sun will be rising,
Be rising, it’s rising.

We don’t wanna put in
The negative move,
It’s killin’ the groove.

I’m a-try to shoot in
Some disco tonight
Boogie with you

I like all Europe contries, and I love Europa
Say: give me sexy yeaah
Give me sexy yeaah

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