Why Do Women Buy Expensive Clothes & Accessories?


When a woman intends to buy a fabulously expensive handbag and other items of luxury, she is consciously or unconsciously trying to ward off potential rivals and maintain a relationship with a man. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Minnesota.

Woman, shopping

Experts have decided to conduct a series of experiments in which women were asked to imagine their partner flirting at a party with another woman. Then they evaluated the women’s craving for expensive things. This attraction, according to experts, was shown as a clear desire to save the relationship. This was written in the US News. Women from the core group drew luxury brands’ logos on shoes, bags, cars, t-shirts twice larger than the women from the control group.

The participants also acknowledged they were unlikely to flirt with a man, if his companion was dressed more expensively. This can be explained by the popular belief: a woman’s appearance shows her man’s devotion to her. In fact, women, unlike men, mostly wear expensive things for the representatives of the same gender.

Designer handbags act as a signal to other women. They are able to make women much happier, reflect their status, and ward off rivals, as suggested by psychologists.