How to Choose the Right Pillow?

Do you sleep on a good pillow? Would you like to replace it? Today, the manufacturers offer a lot of options in this respect. The traditional fillers include goose and swan feathers.


Goose Down Pillows: For & Against

The advantages of such pillows have been known for a long time, but there are disadvantages as well. Feather fillers often provoke the appearance of allergic reactions, the cause of which is associated with the waste products of dust mites. Dust, sweat, and excrements of mites can cause insomnia, fatigue, and headaches. By the way, similar problems sometimes arise with cushions made ​​of camel wool. It seems that there is one way out – synthetic filler. But it is not right. At present, there are lots of options for natural pillows.

Why Are Orthopedic Latex Pillows So Expensive?

Orthopedic latex pillows are becoming quite popular. Latex can be synthetic and natural. Brazilian rubber tree juice is used for the production of latex. An incision is made on a tree, from which the juice drips into an attached bowl. As a rule, you do not get much of this juice – not more than one hundred grams. Moreover, it hardens in a matter of a few hours, and one still needs to deliver it to the plant, to process, to make foam which later becomes the basis for the production of natural latex pillows and mattresses. These factors may explain the high price for the finished products.

Latex Pillows: Pro & Contra

The advantages of latex pillows are obvious: they help to maintain the correct position of the head and neck during sleep. At the same time, you will manage to relax your muscles and have a great night rest. In the hygienic sense, this kind of pillows is deprived of any reasons for complaints: such pillows do not get dusty or electrified and are ideal for asthmatics. Allergy practically does not occur in case of the absence of dust mites. But one percent of consumers can be allergic to latex.

Buckwheat Pillows against Insomnia & Headaches

It is reasonable to pay attention to buckwheat pillows: buckwheat seed shells are used as the filler. The seeds must be processed in a sheller machine. Then the shells are cleaned with hot steam. Thus, no chemicals will be detected in this pillow. Besides, it is a guaranteed way to fight against headaches and insomnia.

Sleep & Massage Your Head at the Same Time

Shells will massage the scalp through a pillowcase. This can increase the blood flow, while the pain will recede. In fact, this pillow is orthopedic, as it follows the contours of the head and neck and provides support for the upper part of the spine. Its advantages include the fact that shells are breathable and do not provoke the emergence of allergies. Such a pillow cannot be washed, but it is recommended to be ventilated. The flaws of such pillows include their weight – it depends on the size and can reach a few kilograms. Not everyone likes the quiet rustling of the shells either.

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