Who Is The Perfect Man of Today?


Looking for the Perfect ManIt seems metrosexuals are losing ground to a new type of men that successfully combines sensibility and manhood. In a study, conducted by one of the major consumer goods manufacturers, this type was defined as “neosexual“. The neosexual is a male distinctive for his historically masculine qualities but who’s still emotional and sensitive. This is a hybrid of patriarchal man and a metrosexual. The neosexual is emotionally developed and instinctively understands the needs of a modern woman.

According to the study, women have become sick of effeminate men and look for more masculine type partners (like cowboy type). Women do not tend to encourage the behavior that wipes off the sex differences, Argentina’s Corrientes Noticias wrote.

Women get irritated by men who spend a lot of time taking care of themselves and use much of cosmetics, especially with strong scents. The poll also showed that the new type of men is attractive because neosexual’s ability to make independent decisions.

The ideal man of today is physically and sexually strong.

Women do not enjoy the Internet and other technologies of communication anymore. They are tired not only of metrosexuals but also of another type of modern men, living in hectic rhythm, web-addicted, impersonal. Women want to hear the voice of their boyfriends over the phone and expect men to ask them for a date, and text messages are not satisfying anymore.

In the poll, 72% of women said they would prefer a strong and determined man who knows what he wants and achieves his goals.

85% of women confirmed that they would be turned on by a passionate kiss and their partner’s drive to “drag them into bed”. They like men to initiate sex because it makes them feel seductive and desirable.

65% of women said they hated it when men spend too much time dressing up before going out. They think men should take care of themselves but when they spend more time in front of the mirror than women,  it’s just too much.

And what is your idea of the perfect man?

Source of the image: frankyfashion.com.


  1. My husband is my ideal man. He seems to be a kind of neosexual you described, but for me it’s only good if he uses cosmetic products, he does so seldom and doesn’t wear parfum.

  2. speaking about appearance it’s Orlando Bloom. speaking about character ideal man is caring, sociable and responsible.

  3. This is an interesting article for a man to read…..especially the comments!! Anthony and Sage Robbins talk about a concept called sexual polarity. This referrs to masculine vs femine energy. I believe that women are attracted to strong men, who have a sense of direction and know what they want. The biggest issue i see being faced is that the roles of men and women are very similar in modern times. It used to be very simple; the man worked and provided and the women looked after the family. This clearly is no longer the case and the roles in a modern relationship have become very neutral. The masculine/feminine energy will never change in regards to attraction though.

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