Most Men Find They Know How to Turn a Woman on


Two thirds of men believe that they are aware of all the ways to turn women on. Alas, less than half of women share this optimistic opinion.


British sociologists have decided to find out men’s and women’s opinions about each other’s sexual skills. It turned out that most men are sure they know much about female sexuality. Two-thirds believe that they know how to turn a woman on very well. However, only 49% of women agree with this, and their skepticism is understandable from the survey results.

Thus, 50% of men have not been able to successfully identify the G-spot, which is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, 2,5-7,6 cm deep, behind the pubic bone and the urethra. However, 23% of men do not even know where the woman clitoris is located. 20% of men believe that women have their G-spots in different areas, and only 3% admit that they have no idea of its location.

75% of men would like to learn some more about women’s sexuality, if it helps their girlfriends to get more pleasure in bed. 39% of men and 42% of women sincerely believe that the most effective way to achieve female orgasm is clitoris stimulation. Only 4% of men and 20% of women agree that size matters.

37% of men believe that their partners imitate orgasm during every third sex, while only 16% of women really do it. Moreover, men believe that women regularly indulge in masturbation, while 22% of women say they never do it.