Woman Grows Third Breast to Become Popular

To become popular, 21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil mutilated her own body. Now the owner of a unique bust is waiting for an invitation to MTV as she has sent a draft of her program there. If the channel ignores her, the lady does not know what to do next. The eccentric woman told in a conversation with a Real Radio journalist that when she had made up her mind about the surgery, she had put everything at stake.


According to Jasmine Tridevil, she had been looking for a plastic surgeon for two years before she found the person to realize her dream. The woman addressed her non-standard request to at least 50 experts and got nothing but refusals everywhere – the doctors did not want to carry out the surgery and grow the third breast due to ethical considerations.

In the end, the American was lucky to find the person for whom money was more important than moral principles. Tridevil does not reveal his name. Before undergoing the surgery, she had signed a non-disclosure document.

The surgery went well. According to the happy owner of a third breast, she experienced discomfort only when the master made the tattoo of the third nipple, but this was a minor thing compared with the new opportunities she had.

Almost immediately after the surgery she began to post the pictures of her unique bust in a social network. She was noticed and was invited to a variety of shows. However, Jasmine appeared on air only occasionally – as a heroine of entertainment programs, though the young American had planned to immediately become a TV presenter.

Tridevil thinks it is too early to give up and hopes MTV will accept her project.

As for the ambitious girl’s personal life, Jasmine no longer has it.
She admits she felt tired of going out on dates and decided to stop being attractive to men. Nevertheless, she likes her new appearance. When she has makeup and is wearing a dress, the shapely brunette feels like a queen.

Update: according to the paparazzi, this woman has never gone under the knife and her third breast is just a fake. But Jasmine claims, the boob is real. She’s still hoping to become a host on MTV. But for all other girls wishing to become popoular: we at Geniusbeauty.com do insist that there are other ways to get on MTV!