Man's Voice Tells If He's a Cheater


Low pitch of the male voice is able to attract the women, who are in search of a not too long relationship. Judging from this point of view, David Beckham is less attractive in comparison with Barry White. At least, if we judge by his voice.

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As it turned out in the course of the research, women admire men with low voices, as such voices are considered to be more masculine. According to The Daily Mail, a man with a low voice is believed to betray women more often and is not very suitable for the creation of a family. How can you identify that the voice suits you?

The researchers suggested that changes in the voice have taken place in the process of evolution, just as the preferences for choosing a mate have changed. Dr. Gillian O’Connor, who works at McMaster University, says that it has been unknown so far why women are so fond of the voices of men who are prone to infidelity. The answer has been found recently: women perceive this kind of men as the ideal partner for a short-term relationship.

An experiment with eighty-seven women showed that they were able to calculate if a man is prone to adultery, depending on the pitch of his voice. One experiment presupposed choosing the voice of a man, who would be suitable for long or, on the contrary, short-term relations. Women have completed the task successfully.

The experts advise to listen to your inner voice. The scientists call the ability to identify ideal men by voice an adaptive evolutionary mechanism. In addition, the experts have found that men try to have a more high-pitched voice during a phone call, adjusting to the female voice. In a personal conversation, the opposite pattern is observed. However, this applies only to love partners of the opposite sex. With friends of the same sex, no significant changes have been observed.