How to Know When He Wants to Leave


Break-ups rarely come unexpected. Another thing is when the relationship grows tenser and tenser as days pass. Yet, we often choose to close our eyes rather than face the issues. “Somehow things will work out”, we think. However, this is the wrong type of thinking. So, here is a top-list of sings when he is ready to leave you. Practice shows that there are no “small things” in family life. Something may seem tiny and unworthy of attention, but it may turn out to be the visible above-water part of a huge iceberg. Damage is unavoidable when the love boat hits this iceberg.


If You Are a Wife

Thirst for Changes

He voices his vision that you need to change yourself if both of you want to be absolutely happy. Also, he describes you as unbearable, and says that you talk all the time and at the wrong moments, you work at the wrong place, and do wrong things. At the same time, nothing is said about his readiness to change his own character or change along with you.

Any Problem Becomes a Catastrophe

All you have left is wonder how you managed to live together before and solve all the difficulties together. Now every tiny little thing irritates him. Most of the time he is busy exaggerating everything. What used to be easy, now triggers a storm of indignation instead of desire to fight the difficulties.

Relationships “on the Side”

Surely, a lover on the side does not automatically mean divorce. Yet, it is a sign of the fact that he is ready to walk away. However, if he does want to leave then he will not follow the conspiracy rules carefully (unless he has some significant financial reasons).

Continuous Accusations

Your husband does everything he can to make you feel guilty for his unhappiness. He continuously hints you that you are what ruins his life, that he has not reached success in his career because of you, and that he has not reached his goals because of you. You demand too much from him and he got tired of those demands.

He Is Not Happy with Your Appearance

You have too much of everything, or on the contrary are missing something. He suddenly starts to notice everything, as if he studies you like an insect under the magnifying glass. Typical phrases include: “you got bigger lately”, “you stoop too much”, “your hairstyle is just weird”, and so on.

If You Are a Lover

Admitting “I am scared”

At one moment he admits that he is afraid to continue your relationship. He says he is not worthy of you and you deserve something much better. Eventually, it turns out that he is worried about you, since he is “not able to give you what you deserve”.

He Recalls His Children

Children make a great reason to leave. Their existence starts to slip into conversations every now and then. Later, it turns out that he simply can not destroy the family. “How can I do something like that to my children?” The question about how children felt earlier, when they were missing the “family time” with their dad, does not come up for discussion.

Betraying the Wife

While earlier he preferred to avoid the “spouse” subject in order not to hurt your feelings, but now he acts quite differently. For example, he may suddenly realize that he betrayed his wife and start a heart-to-heart conversation on this topic.

He Acts as a Matchmaker

He starts actively to introduce “suitable” (as he sees them) men to you, without asking your consent. He tries to leave you and the “candidate” in private. Praises his friend so much that you get the desire to have a peek behind the friend’s back to see if he has wings.

The Phone Is Always “on”

He no longer turns the phone off, as he used to do when he was coming over to your place. Always answers his wife‘s calls, whispers and baby talks with her such that it becomes difficult to tell why he came over the first place.

Universal Signs He Wants to Leave You

Life Turns into a Routine

Nothing changes, nothing happens. Sex is no longer a “big event”, but instead is more like one of the marital obligations. Relationship novelty fades out and he does absolutely nothing to change this situation. All the dates (or life) always follow one scenario.

He Talks about Other Women

You have to listen to endless stories about the beautiful (slim, fit, sexy) ladies he met recently. He does not voice out his thoughts that you need to take better care of your body, but they are there.

He Forces You to Make the Decision

At some point there is complete silence – he does not call, does not write, sleeps out. Then, after you have called every single morgue in the city, he comes back giving no explanations at all. All you are left with is to come up with your own versions of what happened.

Loud arguments for no apparent reason can also arise as an alternative to the silence. If you hate alcohol, then he may intentionally get drunk every night. In short, he will act in any possible way to push your patience to the limit and get you talking about separation first.

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