How to Find Love


Couple in LoveWhat to do if you have not met your second half yet, if you want to save love for the guy, but you’ve been waiting so long and he still has not arrived? Do not postpone love for future; no need to think that you need someone to fall in love with you and will figure other details out later. The sources of this stereotype can be easily traced. Consider fairy tales, any typical heroine has nothing left to do but wait for the right guy. “Sleeping Beauty” had to fall into anabiosis in order to figure things out with her personal life. Meanwhile, real life is nothing like a fairy tail and laws of this literary genre do not work in the real world.

Perhaps You Are Scaring Love Away

Does anything from the list sound familiar?

  • You tell yourself that you will get on a diet once you get a boyfriend.
  • You save the pretty outfits for the times when your life changes for the better.
  • You save exciting trips for the times when you will have a loved one to go with.
  • You do not go to theaters or expensive restaurants because it is silly to go out with girlfriends instead of going with a boyfriend.
  • You go on vacations by yourself because you do not have a partner to go with. Company of girlfriends irritates you, especially if they are single like you.
  • You do not go out because you have no one to go with.
  • You sleep in old tee-shirt or pajamas, because you tell yourself that buying expensive nightdresses and peignoirs is meaningless since there is no one to appreciate them.
  • Your house is messy and dirty because you have no one you need to try your best for.

Don’t Postpone Love

Even if a single statement from above is correct, you are likely to be postponing your love for tomorrow, waiting for the prince to enter your life first. Do not waste your time! Use every moment you get to learn how to receive and give love.

If you want to find the destined one, first become the person of your dream yourself!

Try to have the traits, which you find attractive in potential partners, in your own character. Once you succeed, you will be a magnet attracting people with similar characteristics. Remember the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”. It can also be said that “People of love flock together”. If you dream about a gentle and caring person to fall in love with you, then you have to become one yourself. Remember the main rule: the less love you have in your character, the less others will like you. On the contrary, the more love you have, the more drawn others will be to you.


  1. I would advise that single women have a deeper examination of their attitudes. This list only covers the surface mood altering behaviors.

    Try to ask yourself if you blame men for most problems. Including the fact that you are single. Men are seldom attracted to women who hate them before they get to know them.

    Do you play the walled up princess waiting for Prince Charming to burst in through your window on his white steed? Many men would try that, but they do not know where yo live, or your phone number. Get out more, especially where men gather… sports, motorsports, fishing… you do not need to love the activity, you only need to be interested in it a little.

    Do not automatically say no. I have yet to find one woman that gives all men a reasonable chance on first meeting. The upshot of this is that I have seen all my female friends say no to rather reasonable men because they did not fit the “perfect man list”, only to watch my female friends get drunk later on that night and g home with someone much less of a catch than the man/men they turned down earlier in the evening (when they were not drunk). A few days later they all say the same thing… “there are no decent men left”. There are decent men, they just turned them down while they were sober.

    NETWORK! The way people used to meet generations ago was through introductions. Yes, being introduced through friends does lead to successful marriages in my experience. It may take a while, a friend of a friend of a friend may introduce you to Mr Right.

    Do not wait until your career is at a certain level. Men sometimes do this and find themselves habitually single at 40. Why try to emulate them? They aren’t happy.

    Finally, get out of Dodge! Country after country women migrate into urban centers and to the coast. If you can not find a man in New York, it is probably because they are standing alone at a ballroom dance for farmers 500 miles away. Some farmers make more than the average lawyer. There are men out there, but waiting for them to come to you may be a little selfish.

    Most of these arguments can be turned on single men as well, but instead of concentrating on why the arguments seem one sided, you would make better use of your time not getting worked up about the presentation… like putting on a smile, and asking your second cousin if she knows any small town guys who are single. Oh, and many men are more attracted to a pretty smile than a perfect waistline.

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