7 Secrets to Develop a Thicker Skin When Dating


Dating can be a harsh business with lots of setbacks and hurt feelings. But if you’re looking for Mr or Miss Right, you may have to commit to the task for the long haul – no matter how frustrating it can get! The key to surviving dating disasters is to develop the confidence to recover when things don’t go so well. Here are some tips for surviving the pitfalls of dating.


Be realistic

Hardly anyone meets their perfect partner on the first try. Most people have an ex or two they wish they’d never met or a handful of bad-date stories. If you expect dating to be like a fairy tale, you’ll be more likely not to bother when things get tough. Try to keep your feet on the ground and you’ll be more likely to persevere.

Have a sense of humor

When you’re on your way home from a bad date, you’ll likely be feeling rubbish. However, in a few weeks’ time, you’ll have a funny story to tell. Barring absolute disaster, any awful date can be turned into an amusing anecdote so try to have a sense of humor when things go wrong.

Be nice to yourself

If you’re using dating websites, you might have quite a few dates lined up at any one time. Some might be amazing experiences while others might make you wish you hadn’t turned up! A bad date can knock your confidence so try and be kind to yourself afterward. Meet up with friends, do something fun or just have some time to yourself. You’ll soon be ready to get back out there.

Don’t take it personally

If someone is rude to you on a date, it can feel crushing but try not to take it personally. They could be having a bad day, problems with an ex or maybe they’re just not a very nice person. In any case, there’s no reason to take it to heart.
Man and woman

Give it time

It’s easy to feel frustrated when things don’t fall into place straight away but patience is the key to good dating. When you can see that you’re running a marathon, not a sprint, you’re more likely to bounce back when things go wrong.

Be honest

People who aren’t really sure if they’re ready to date can sometimes behave in ways which makes meeting the right person all the harder, such as being reluctant to arrange dates, canceling at the last minute or chasing people who aren’t available. If this sounds like you, it might be time to put things on hold.

Keep at it

When you’ve been knocked back, it can feel like the end of the world, but try not to feel too disappointed. Even if you feel 100% sure that someone is right for you, it’ll never make you happy to chase them if they’re not interested in a relationship. Everyone has to deal with setbacks when it comes to dating and the key is to keep at it – the right person could be just around the corner.
While it can feel tough, dating can also be a lot of fun and it’s good not to take things too seriously. Online dating can give you the chance to meet lots of potential matches quickly through personalized searching. The more chances you have to meet the right person, the better, and it’s a good option for busy people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Happy dating!


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