7 Reasons to Move in Together before Getting Married


At some point of the relationship the question may arise whether to arrange for living together after the big day or move in together without waiting for the official nuptials. Naturally, there are places where such kind of things is not acceptable, but let’s consider it for those who can do it without incurring social odium. There are quite a number of reasons why you really don’t have to wait until you get married before you shack together.


1. It saves money

If you prefer to share a bed practically every night, the reason of keeping two apartments begins to wear thin. Why throw away money when you can move in and start saving? Even if you don’t consider wedding in the nearest future, you can travel together – oh, you will find what to spend the extra money on! Apart from saving, you will be able to have a go at managing a family budget, to say nothing of selling needless things and rearranging your abode together.

2. It helps you understand one another better

Dating, even for a long time, is one thing, but sharing the same apartment is a different thing altogether. You begin to see each other from a different standpoint, getting to know small everyday habits and things which you never noticed before. There will come up some unexpected and annoying trifles, you will have to learn and accept each other’s irritating behaviors. There will be opportunities to discuss such subjects and see how you can take them in. You will know when and how to communicate in different situations.

3. You sort out responsibilities

Dates are all right for enjoying life, but what they inevitably lack is responsibilities. You get to share a lot of things, but responsibility isn’t one of them. When you share an apartment before you marry, you are sure to learn about house chores, cooking, laundering, bills to be paid and a range of all those things that come from living together. You are no longer separate individuals but a team which is striving along in spite of personal schedules.

4. You test your relationship

You may not think about it in this way, but living together is a real-life test! Two people can move into one apartment only to understand that they don’t want to spend more time together… even that their lover is not ready for family life. Apart from such grave discoverings, you ought to know whether you are able to stay romantic and passionate while handling household chores. How will your relationship take in TV programs, not-so-tidy bedroom and bills?

5. Do it for the fun of it

If two people feel comfortable around each other, life in one apartment can mean the beginning of a fun time! You don’t have to separate, you can plan your free time together, you know that you are coming back home to the one you want to see; in the evenings you can do whatever you want without minding the time or wondering whether you have all the right stuff for the morning. And what about cooking and doing small services for each other, bringing in friends, throwing parties? Also, when you separate to give your time to your personal friends apart from one another, it’s additional fun to get together again and share your impressions.

6. You help to make it accepted

While there are some spots on the globe where shacking together is regarded as a pretty scandalous affair, in other places it is no longer looked upon as something unseemly; yet there are always people who think it’s a shame. Nevertheless, why not agree that living together unmarried is quite all right? Some couples actually live for years on end without getting married and keep up a steady relationship.

7. You mean to live together

For the couples who have been sure for some time that they want to live together – well, deciding to live together makes a fine start! You may not have the funds to wed and arrange for a proper kind of life, but why wait if your feelings are right? Besides, the start of a life together after the wedding can be very fussy and stressful, what with all the arrangements and a lot of things to keep in mind. It is so much work it can take most of the fun away. If you already live together, arranging for a wedding and honeymoon are much less strenuous, and you have a quiet place of your own to go back after the happy but tumultuous time.

Yet before you take the leap and move in, there are things to be considered. Are you both equally ready to go for it? Are you sure you want it for the right reasons? Will your families take a kind view of it? And you will want to face each other’s possible irritating habits before you tie the knot? So, it’s up to every individual couple to decide whether they think it’s a good idea or not.