12 Signs of a Disastrous First Date


Sometimes the future of the relationship that has just begun can be predicted almost immediately. You can ignore these signs and wait for the real alarm, but it is a road to nowhere. In general, read this article and do not say we did not warn you.


Sign #1

The young man takes you to your favorite sports bar, and during the visit pays more attention to the guys running around the TV screen than to you.

Potential problems

When you are unable to fully capture the attention of the man on the very first date, you can assume that his priorities are clear. If you are interested in the game exactly the same way as he is, there is no problem. If the situation makes you feel like a participant of the team that is bound to lose, think about whether to give your relationship another chance in overtime.

Sign #2

During the date, the girl tries to tell as much about herself and her life as possible, not bothering to try to learn something about the man.

What can go wrong?

Although it is believed that the main thing during a conversation is to make an impression on the interlocutor, it is far more important for a strong relationship to demonstrate interest rather than the ability to arouse it. When you feel that you know about the young lady much more than she knows about you after the first date, it is a harbinger of serious problems. You will hardly obtain a reasonable amount of care from her. Simply put, you will have to get used to her indifference because narcissism is incurable.

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Sign #3

You went to a cool restaurant that is famous for its burgers, sushi or falafel. Your companion orders a dish that does not match the specifics of the institution and then complains that the chef is not skillful.

Why is that a problem?

It may seem interesting to communicate with those who prefer untrodden paths, but only for a short period of time. When you eventually go astray, your beau will begin to look for someone to blame. After all, he always has someone to blame rather than his poor decision-making skills. In general, if you wish to play the role of scapegoat in every similar situation, you may surely choose such a man.

Sign #4

A young man and a young lady come to a trendy coffee house, they make an order, and the girl irritates the barista with endless demands and comments as to the kind of coffee she needs. When all the desires are satisfied, the girl begins to suffer from the fact that the foam is not thick enough, and the soy milk is too hot.

Potential threat

Beware of the people who have a long list of requirements to the waiter. It is highly probable that the same list of wishes can also be voiced to the partner. Anyone who wants steak to be cooked at the temperature of 60 degrees expects exactly as much attention from the partner and has an endless list of desires and aspirations. This person will always have great expectations.

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Sign #5

The man gently looks into your eyes and laughs at your jokes; he is nice and empathetic. In short, he is an ideal candidate to go out with once again. Then suddenly he admits he is having a hard time after a recent breakup with another girlfriend. He calls himself a pretty sensitive guy, but the whole point of these words reveals itself only after the careless admission that the “recent” separation happened 11 months ago. Finally, he makes another revelation that your smile, hair and laughter remind him about this ex-girlfriend.

Why running away from him as fast as you can?

Everything is clear: the guy clings to the past so much that he simply cannot look into the future. If he seeks solace in order to forget about the feelings to another girl, the relationship is a complete failure. Trying to conquer your heart with genuine interest and concern and trying to win sympathy by talking about the former passion are two completely different things.

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Sign #6

On the first date, the girl tells how much she hates her mother, her work, ex-boyfriend and everything else.

Why not dating haters?

People usually tell about themselves only what they think you should know. When the young lady starts with a revelation about her inability to establish normal relations, you should avoid any further contact with her. Otherwise, she will end up complaining about her bitter fate to another victim, including your name into the failure list.

Sign #7

He drops in to your place, and your dog begins to bark in response to the doorbell. You shush it, but the young man demands putting a muzzle on the wretched beast. Next, your cat hisses, and he adds he hates cats!

Potential threat

Your puppy may be the sweetest creature in the world, but the one who does not like dogs cannot be changed. If you are already at the stage of dating, and the man shows his disapproving attitude to pets, do not expect that he and your beloved pet will make friends.

Sign #8

The guy is physically unable to focus on a conversation with you, on food, movies or music without checking his smartphone every two minutes. The question is why the gadget is so interesting to him. Maybe, he’s trying to learn the score of the match he is interested in, wants to know the exchange rate or is making an appointment with other ladies.

Do you really want a guy to treat you like that?

Men’s ability to focus on the potential relationship during the first date, when you’re just trying to establish communication, vividly demonstrates if he will be emotionally involved in this relationship afterwards.

Sign #9

During the date, the partner is constantly asking whether you are having fun, if you are not cold, if you like the restaurant, whether the drink is tasty enough, or whether you prefer to go somewhere else… He is so focused on your feelings and sensations that you begin to feel nervous.

Why is too much care that bad?

It is clear that each of us wants to please others, but when a man or a lady is trying too hard to please the partner, there is a serious issue of self-esteem. If you do not want to spend your life, trying to prove that your boyfriend is great and you idolize him or that the relationship is excellent, think twice before going on a second date with the man, who is obsessed with being good for everyone.

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Sign #10

She talks about her views on politics, religion, human nature, or money, and her opinions and beliefs are radically different from yours.

Why is that a problem?

Of course, not all differences are dangerous for a relationship, but if you feel alarmed by some of them, it is necessary to trust your intuition and be cautious. Remember that it is not the same thing to try changing the partner and to be a person who wants and is willing to change.

Sign #11

He is rude. He is rude with your roommate, your mother, and everyone you meet. Roughness can be avoided, but even the administrator at a restaurant angers him because of offering the table to some other couple.

Potential threat

First dates are a pretty serious stress, but if your admirer reacts to positive emotions this way, what will happen when something really unpleasant occurs?

Sign #12

She orders a third “Whiskey Sour” just as she barely finishes the second drink, or she does not drink at all, but follows closely each glass of beer that the waiters carry to other tables. Alternatively, she permanently looks into her smartphone, even during a conversation with you.

Potential threat

It is addiction! An unhealthy concern over an empty glass and envious glances at the people drinking around are a sign of the intricate relationship with alcohol. Some studies prove that the habit of constantly checking the social networks and incoming messages also refers to addictions. It is very difficult to overcome addictive behavior, so keep this in mind before the relationship becomes serious.


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