5 First Date Don’ts

First dates have so many drawbacks to them that they can be rated rather high on the list of problematic events. You get nervous, sometimes long before the date actually begins. You want to learn so many things at once, and you are not quite sure how to set about it. Finally, you are supposed to go out of your way to create a pleasant first impression.

Dinner table

The last one can be the most troublesome. So many people rely on their first impressions heavily, that if you fail to produce an agreeable first impression, you may never quite restore your reputation with your date even if you will have ample opportunity to do so.

People on their first date are generally much more attentive to one another than it is customary, because they are trying hard to evaluate the other with the view of a possible long-time relationship. That goes to make people more nervous than they should feel.

So you are supposed to overcome all these stumbling blocks and come across as someone so enticing as to make your date want to go on seeing you and look forward to the next meeting… But before you get that good at dating, make sure you avoid gross mistakes that may set your date against you from the very start.

1. Don’t Be Late

Don’t think if you are late it’s cute, traditional or expected of certain people; it just makes your date irritated. They don’t feel they are properly appreciated straightaway even before they see you, and if there were dinner reservations, the matters are even worse.

Therefore make sure you call your date in good time to inform you have been delayed, or realize that you are beginning your date with a bad disadvantage.

2. Don’t Get a Friend to Accompany You

Really, why should you need somebody else on your first date? That will also be a question on your date’s mind. He will probably start to think that he has to impress both you and your friend and grow more stressful. Wouldn’t you like more attention to be focused on you rather than have him divide attention between you and your friend?

3. Don’t Check Your Cell Phone Regularly

Now if you mechanically reach for your cell phone every five or ten minutes and check your emails and text messages, you will be interrupting the procedure, make your date feel he is left out of the picture, and show him that you have more important things on hand than being with him. You are sure to end up rubbing him the wrong way!

You can warn your friends who have a habit of calling you that you will be busy and won’t take their calls, as for the time, just forget about it, or at least pretend that you do.

4. Don’t Take a Lot of Pictures

Don’t hide your nervousness behind taking pictures of everything – the place, your date, food on the table. The idea is to lay off your gadgets and concentrate on the person who’s with you at the moment.

Don’t Tag Your Date on Social Sites

You are friends on Facebook, or maybe arranged your date through the site? That’s fine, but think twice before announcing to the whole site that you are going to meet. It isn’t so necessary, and you have no way of predicting what will be your date’s reaction to that. It can add to the awkwardness of the situation, and, moreover, are you really ready to answer your friends’ questions about the outcome of the date afterwards?