How to Become More Productive?


If you feel that you cannot concentrate on work, you are constantly distracted by all sorts of trivial activities and, as a result, you stay up late at night to cope with the rest of your tasks, these tips will definitely help you. We will tell you how to use the same time to handle much more things.

Write a to-do list for the day

Highlight the tasks that are your priority for today and proceed with the least important activities. Thus, you will not forget anything and will be able to control the completion of each item.

Do not try to do several things at a time

It is better to concentrate on one thing, otherwise, it will just slow down your work and you will not have time to do anything meaningful. As soon as you deal with the first occupation, move on to the second most important item on your list.

Remove all the lumber from your desktop

The workplace should look ideal, so leave only the things that are really needed to accomplish a particular task. Do not keep any souvenirs or nice photos there – they will only distract you during the day, and your productivity will decrease.

Use calendars

Create a calendar for yourself where you will mark important meetings and the affairs that require your direct involvement. Thus you can always control the process and understand how much free time you will have at the end of the day.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

There is nothing to worry about delegation, so if you understand that you are not coping, turn to your colleagues who will certainly help you. If needed, do the same thing to help and support them at a difficult moment.

Allocate certain time for calls and letters

During the day, you may occasionally want to check your mailbox and reply to another email or grab the phone whenever you think about something seemingly important. By doing so, you will lose a lot of time and will do only a part of what you have planned to deal with in the morning. Therefore, determine the hours when you will check the mail and make phone calls and spend the rest of your time doing other tasks.

Do not make appointments one after another

It is better to have intervals between meetings so that you can have an opportunity to think things over and put your thoughts in order.

Keep the house clean

Your apartment (especially the bedroom) should be kept in perfect cleanliness. Experts argue that mess, lumber, and scattered clothes have a depressing influence on our psyche and distract from really important things. As a result, instead of doing business, you are wasting energy for another unscheduled cleaning.