5 Secrets of a Perfect Picnic

A picnic is a healthy and enjoyable kind of summer holiday, which is as funny to plan as a big outing party. You can manifest yourself as an excellent hostess and enjoy the time spent outdoors. We have gathered some advice about where to organize a picnic, what to take with you, and how to have a good time.

fruits, berries, grapes1. Choose the right place

Knowing an approximate location, you will be able to decide what food and drinks to take with you. Almost any place is suitable for a picnic: a backyard of a house, a local park, mountains, a beach or a camping area. You can have a picnic even in the center of a huge city or in the countryside.

The time of day is one more detail that must be taken into account. Morning is good for solo picnics: you can read, listen to music and meditate. In the afternoon, it’s already warm in the street, and there is an opportunity to sunbathe. Evening is the ideal time for a family dinner if you bring a small grill for hotdogs. Once you choose a place, make a list of the things you need for comfort: it’s better to bring a thin fleece blanket or a beach towel, a small rug or a blanket. If you do not want to sit on the ground, you can take camping furniture.

2. Think through the menu

An ideal meal for a picnic is fried meat or fish, fresh or grilled vegetables, sandwiches and salads, as well as various combinations of berries and fruit. A dessert picnic is another interesting idea. It can be pies or buns from a local bakery, homemade cookies, fruits and anything that does not spoil in the sun. As for drinks, water, lemonades or even light fruit wine will do.

3. Take the right dishes

Thermal tableware is an opportunity to expand the menu of snacks that you can take to a picnic with you, as well as extend your time spent in nature. If you decide to bring a bottle of pink wine or fruit lemonade to a picnic, a cooler bag or a thermos bag is ideal for quick cooling of drinks in the hot summer and keeping their temperature.

A cooling cover is useful both for cooling drinks and for maintaining proper temperature. A thermocontainer is excellent for long-term storage of cold and hot dishes. Double walls of the container with highly effective heat insulation will help keep the food warm or cold for several hours.

4. Do not forget about ecology

After the picnic is over, do not forget to clean the place. Use disposable biodegradable dishes and napkins, they are environmentally friendly and safe for humans and the environment. Remember that burning plastic bags or disposable dishes will bring more harm to nature than good. As a rule, a pair of large bags is enough to collect all the garbage.

It is unreasonable to start a fire to roast meat or burn garbage. If you have clean water left that you cannot take with you, use it to water the plants.

5. Think about your leisure

A picnic without entertainment is like rap battles without punches. Do not let yourself and others get bored. Take along board games, a ball, badminton or frisbee, a portable music player, a guitar and a camera. Twister can be an interesting solution – this mobile game will cheer you up in any situation. If you prefer quiet recreation, we suggest taking your favorite book, table games, maps or chess with you.