How to Clean Your Home without Chemicals?


Kitchen tricks or how to clean household items without using household chemicals.


Mix one part of water and one part of 9% vinegar, pour the solution into a spray bottle. This formidable weapon can easily help you get rid of:

  • any dirt on horizontal surfaces;
  • the smell of pets’ excrements in the corners and on the rugs;
  • rust spots and dampness on the kitchen surfaces;
  • microbes on the rim of the toilet bowl;
  • stains of soap on the tiles in the bathroom;
  • stubborn stains on the floor;
  • dirt on the table tops, glasses, and bar counters.

Add a tablespoon of vinegar in the conditioner tank or into the water for washing. Wash the clothes. Vinegar destroys all traces of chemical detergents – and the linen is fresh. There will be no skin irritation, no allergy, and no sense of powder on the sheets.

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A halved lemon with a teaspoon of baking soda poured on the exposed surface of the citrus fruit is a powerful solution. If you just use this sandwich on the kitchen surfaces, the dirt will immediately wave the white flag and surrender.

Lemon is good even without vinegar and baking soda: put half a lemon in the meat grinder; it will get clean and disinfected. If you have a waste shredder, let the lemon peel go through it, and it will clean and refresh the drain pipes.

However, baking soda can be helpful without a lemon: place a container with baking soda in the fridge, and you will forget about the unpleasant refrigeration smell.