New Super Light Implants Don’t Cause Saggy Breast

Israeli scientists have created the lightest breast implants in the world, which will not cause saggy breast with age. They are 30% lighter than any currently existing analogs.


New superlight breast implants have been called B-Lite, and they are invented especially for the women who, on the one hand, would like to get the breast of their dream and, on the other hand, are cautious about the bust getting saggy under the influence of gravity over the years. Until recently, the majority of breast implants had been made of lightweight silicone gel. Saline solution was sometimes used for their manufacturing as well.

Breast implants B-Lite consist of a silicone coating; inside they contain tiny balls of silicate – a solid form of silicone gel, which is much lighter. Their inventor is an Israeli biochemist Dael Govrin, who is proud to have changed the material for breast augmentation, used for many decades. By the way, he created these miracle implants after a dispute with his sibling, Jackie Govrin, a plastic surgeon.

According to Dael Govrin, breast implants have not become lighter in weight from the moment when were first used in plastic surgery in 1962. Implants must be changed 10-15 years after breast augmentation. They weigh a lot, so a woman’s breast gets saggy over the years. That is the reason why Dael Govrin took up the creation of as lightweight breast implant as possible.

About 40 Israeli women have already received new implants. Women say they do not notice any extra weight in the breast at all.