Home Cleaning Tricks from Housemaids


If there’s anyone who should know the secrets of fast and efficient cleaning, these are housemaids. They have plenty of practice; besides, they are trained to clean. Therefore, they can share their knowledge with ordinary housewives, who can save time on cleaning and spend it doing their favorite things.

1. Mess


Cleaning begins from scratch. First, you should remove everything that creates a sense of chaos and disorder: empty the waste container, collect the scattered towels, linen, and crockery.

2. Rags


The secret of good dusting consists in using a proper rag. The best option is a microfiber rag, and if you don’t have one, you will need 100% cotton fabric.

3. Bed


Making a large double bed is difficult. Whatever side of the sheet you choose, it may prove to be shorter. You can be guided by labels on the left side, for example.

4. Curtains


Dust settles everywhere, including the curtains. It is best to remove it by dusting the curtains with a small towel. And then you can clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

5. Vacuum cleaner


Always start with vacuuming the floor and then wash it. Otherwise, dust will stick to the wet floor, and it will be very difficult to remove. Most people vacuum the far corner first, but it is better to start vacuuming immediately as you enter the room and then move to the far corner. When you finish, go back to the places where you walk most often. Begin to wash in the far corner.

6. Bathroom


Cleaning starts in the bedroom, and the bathroom is the last place to clean. This is how fewer bacteria will be spread around the house.

7. Household chemicals


All detergents need some time to take effect. Therefore it is necessary to apply them on the walls of the bath or the toilet bowl, for example, and leave for some time. In the meanwhile, you can wipe the mirror, the window, or the cabinet. The most popular cleaning product is a mixture of water and vinegar (3:1).

8. A toothbrush


No one is saying that you need to scrub the whole house with a toothbrush, but there are a few places in the bath that can be reached only with it.

9. Self-organization

Cleaning Supplies

Everything that you need should be at hand. Maids have a special trolley, but at home you can use an ordinary bucket. It can contain household chemicals, rags, and brushes. This will help save time and effort. But there’s also a way to clean up your home without any chemicals.