New Seasonal Escada Fragrance – Ocean Lounge


Ocean Lounge by EscadaI’ve just read that Escada created a new seasonal floral fruity fragrance for women. It’s called Ocean Lounge and, judging by the bottle, it should be similar to my favorite Moon Sparkle by Escada. I’ve been using it this summer and the first part of September – even today. And I’m enjoying it right now. It smells great, as already said, I recommend this scent! I’ve found on many sites that Ocean Lounge “evokes the spirit of summer” – and I hope, it really does, as its “elder brother” Moon Sparkle does create a truly summer mood. Ocean Lounge is a composition of fruity and floral scents.

Here’s a more detailed description of Ocean Lounge. Top notes are lychee and plum, pear nectar accord, strawberry meringue accord. Middle notes are ‘violet petal sorbet’ scent, mimosa blossom, jasmine. And base notes are ambery notes, sheer vanilla, teakwood scent.

Ocean Lounge is a limited edition fragrance, so I’m going to try it out by all means! I hope, it will turn out no worse than Moon Sparkle, and, maybe, even better, if there’s ever something that can smell better than this fragrance.


  1. I purchased Escada Ocean Lounge yesterday at Nordstrom. I went in to purchase something else and walked out with this. It does stir the emotions and is lush, even watery, and not as tropical as the other Escada fragrances and prettier than Moon Sparkle. This is the most beautiful Escada fragrance I have ever smelled. I hope it stays around. There is something about this fragrance that is very moving. I have always wanted a bottle of escada since my twenties (I’m 33) but they always missed the mark. This one is perfect.

  2. Jennifer, thank you for sharing it, you’re lucky! I haven’t smelled it yet, but I’m going to do soon. Unfortunately, it’s a limited edition, so, we will only be able to have it this season.

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