Weird Balloon Dress


Can you think of any celebration where balloons would be out of place? They are part of the fun and the more you have the merrier, right? What if you get a lot of them and all over your body? That’s the idea that Japanese artist Rie Hosokai realized in a balloon dress. She came up with a somewhat tricky but quite wearable clothing item! Hosokai used a particular kind of fabric that is woven in a special way to make the dress look larger than life.

Dress made of balloons

The festive dress that creates the effect that you may rise up and fly in a moment was designed for the “Piece for peace” charity art exhibition to be seen at Tokyo’s Parco gallery until January 9, 2013. You may delight in other dresses at the exhibition, just as bold and groundbreaking as the balloon one, and for those who won’t be there here’s images done by Takashi Kawada, Hosokai’s partner.


Balloon Dress