Leather Clothes to Be Cloned


Producers promise that ardent environmentalists will wear leather clothes without remorse in a few years.

Loewe Leather and Fur Collection

The garment industry is awaiting a revolution that the new material – laboratory-grown leather – will cause. The great idea belongs to the Modern Meadow company, which managed to gain financial support from billionaire Peter Thiel (the owner of the PayPal payment system).

According to the head of the Modern Meadow company Andras Forgach, they will take millions of cells of donor animals to create natural leather and then duplicate them in bioreactors. Laboratory leather will not require tanning, and they want to create hairless leather – to make this material more profitable from an economic point of view. In the future, the developers are planning to sell not only artificially grown (cloned) leather, but the same meat as well.