The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo H & M Collection


The film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” has inspired Trish Summerville to create a capsule collection for H&M, which will go on sale on December 14.

HM Collection Girl with Dragon Tattoo

The collection consists of 30 items. These items contain elements of rock and grunge: the things seem to be battered with time and shabby because of excessive wearing. They are side by side with jeans and leather pants of complex cut.

Surely, these things are not for every woman and not for everyone’s taste. However, for those, who liked the movie, it is a good opportunity to replenish their wardrobe with trendy things.

Leather pants by HM

HM Capsule collecion December 2011

HM Collection for women

HM Collection - T-shirt

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection

HM Collection inspired by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo collection

HM collection by Trish Summerville

Trish Summerville collection for women

HM Collection shoes

Leather in HM Collection

HM Collection coat

HM collection jeans skirt