Futuristic Collection from Katie Gallagher


The New York designer Katie Gallagher presented a quite distinctive futuristic collection of nude corsets in the form of chest exoskeletons, corsages made with spandex and elastic bands, which keep the impermeable fabric of the designs in tension.

Katie Gallagher Futuristic Collection

With those extraordinary works, created in a manner peculiar to Gareth Pugh and Yohji Yamamoto, the designer is trying to express his vision of solitary coldness of sexuality and daring nakedness.

Katie Gallagher Corsets Collection

Katie Gallagher Corsets

Source of the images: katiegallagher.com.


  1. Wow that is … disgusting. Could those women look more like naked Bratz dolls? Actually, they are too skinny to be Bratz dolls. They look more like skeletons with big dark eyes.

  2. They’re tooo skinny, someone i know looked like that……..after 15 years of boulimia!

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