From Briefs to Boyshorts: 6 Types of Underwear Every Woman Should Own

The world of women’s lingerie is fascinating. Back in 2012, a study revealed that women owned an average of 34 pairs of panties. This was considerably more than the 12 pairs owned back in 1999. It can only be imagined what the number would be today, but how many pairs of panties should you own? Apparently it all depends on your lifestyle.

Regardless of whether you own 15 or 40 pairs, there are just some types of underwear that are essential to have in your collection. Here we reveal what they are:

1. Briefs: The Go-To Favorite For Types Of Underwear

You can’t go wrong with a comfortable pair of ladies’ briefs. They can be a style within a style with varieties like the full brief, hipster brief, and high cut brief. In a massive range of fabrics and colors — briefs for every occasion.

They are no-nonsense and provide a comfortable underwear experience for long days at work and days when many errands need to be completed. Click here to learn more.

2. Thong: For Certain Occasions

Thongs might not be the most comfortable type of women’s underwear in the world, but there are definitely times when one is needed.

If you are planning on wearing a sheer dress to a special occasion, then a thong will be necessary to avoid a visible panty line from appearing on your rear. And, when you want to leave little to the imagination, a thong is perfect!

3. Boyshorts: the Best Friend of Undies

In terms of women’s underwear styles, you could say that boyshorts are the equivalent of your favorite old, comfortable t-shirt. They can’t be beaten when it comes to comfort, and they also look very cool.

Boyshorts are perfect for any lady who prefers to rock an androgynous or tomboy style, but in a lace fabric, they can also be sexy.

4. Boy Boxers: Pull-on Comfort

When you want to go even further down the masculine route than tight boy shorts, you can go all the way to the tomboy side with full-on boy style boxers.

These are loose and comfortable and are often an ideal choice for lounging around at home during a lazy weekend.

5. Shapewear – ‘Cos Sometimes, You Just Have to

There is a varied range of spandex shapewear to choose from to provide the extra support you need to pull that tummy in and slim down those thighs. Full briefs will provide the control a bulging tummy needs while thigh-length briefs will prevent that dreaded wobbled when you aren’t as toned as you’d like.

Shapewear has moved on considerably since those breath-taking corsets and ugly instruments of torture of yesteryear, and style and look is very much a feature of the design — not just functionality.

6. Lace Panties: Pretty and Elegant

When a more sensual and sexy choice is called for, you can’t go wrong with some lace brief panties.

From delicate patterns that are almost sheer to fancy heavily-decorative designs, lace panties are one of the most varied types of women’s’ underwear.

The lace designers always know exactly what to show and what to hide, and it is always good to have a couple of pairs in the drawer for special occasions!

A Matter of Choice

The types of underwear you fill your drawers with is very much a personal choice. Have undies for every conceivable occasion, but the basis of your collection should be those you wear for comfort every day.

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