The Beauty Breakdown – What Goes Into Crafting an Elegant Room?

How does one create beautiful living spaces? Simply put, we must design with passion and purpose! But we understand that whilst the answer is quite simple, the execution itself can be a bit tricky. So we’ve broken it down for you with this easy guide for achieving elegance. Here’s how you can transform your home into a captivating sight.

Invest in quality cleaning supplies

Like a good chef regularly sharpens and polishes his knives, every respectable homeowner should equip themselves with superb housekeeping tools. Your most valuable asset should be a quality vacuum cleaner, preferably with multiple heads to ensure maximum coverage. This should be closely followed by a sturdy mop, broom and dustpan, and an assortment of cleaning sponges, to ensure that your floors and surfaces stay nice and clean.

When it comes to crafting beautiful living spaces, the devil is in the details. You don’t want to leave any nook or cranny untouched for too long, lest dust bunnies start to form and multiply, as they do! And there are some domestic factors that naturally attract more dirt and dust than others, like light-coloured carpets and rugs. Whilst these inherent mess-makers can be incredibly aesthetic, the upkeep requires a great level of dedication, and the process of maintaining these factors is greatly simplified by dusting and vacuuming regularly.

No more ‘show’ rooms

We all want our homes to be beautiful, warm, and inviting, but it can be tricky crafting elegant rooms that are also functional. Some of us may have grown up with a ‘show’ living room for hosting formal events, and then a regular living room or ‘family room’, where you are actually allowed to be human, and make some mess. And whilst this method has been widely adopted by many families as a means of ensuring they’ll always have an immaculate hosting space, the authenticity of your ‘family room’ should not be ignored.

So the question is, how do we reap the best of both worlds? How do we craft elegant spaces that are also 100% livable? It’s all about personalising our living spaces, which means selecting decor that’s meaningful for you and your family, or at least representative of shared interests. Alongside this, it’s a good rule of thumb to incorporate smart storage options into all your rooms, to decrease the likelihood of clutter forming over time.

Play with your vertical space

A common concern with early twentieth-century architecture is that if you don’t make the most of your vertical space, your living spaces are quite likely to look cold and bare. Similarly, those of us who’ve experienced apartment living at one point or another might understand how utilising your vertical space can also aid in making smaller living spaces feel a lot bigger and warmer. Effectively utilising your vertical space can entail hanging some dynamic prints or even going DIY and making your own art, using yarn and other fabrics. You can also incorporate some hanging plants into your living spaces, by installing hooks to your ceiling.

Creating elegant living spaces doesn’t need to be a hidden art. In fact, some have argued that the best way to craft a beautiful home is by making your home feel like an extension of yourself. Your living space is best when it’s tailored to you and your family. If you’ve followed these tips, you’ll have effectively created a space that’s reflective of those who occupy it, and your home will be more inviting and uniquely elegant for it.

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