10 Things That Make Your Home Messy

Despite the fact that everyone understands the necessity to maintain cleanliness and order in the house, this is not a priority for many people, and that is why their home does not always look the best way: lumps of dust accumulate in the corners, and things are scattered all around (which creates an even greater sense of chaos). However, even if you clean up regularly, there are some tricky things, which create an impression of a messy home.

Mirrors and mirror surfaces

Large mirrors and mirror surfaces really look spectacular and even visually expand the space, which is especially important for small apartments or studios. However, just imagine how untidy and dirty a stained mirror looks. If you do not plan to spend much time cleaning all mirror surfaces in your home, then just give up on them. Otherwise, the sight of dirty mirrors will be very depressing and will reduce all your efforts to nothing.

Small (or uncomfortable) shoe rack

It would seem, who should care about your shoe rack (or lack thereof)? However, this particular piece of furniture will allow you to maintain order in the hall. After all, scattered shoes can also spoil the impression of your home, no matter how cozy and neat the rest of the rooms are. They say, a theater starts with a hanger, and a house starts with the hall. Indeed, it is said for a good reason. So try to keep your hall neat.

Light wallpaper (or light wall paint)

Bright interiors (classic or Scandinavian-style) are still at the peak of popularity, and this is not surprising. After all, the white-beige scale looks much more elegant, adding air and light and visually expanding the space. Everything would be fine but for the fact that light wallpaper or light-colored walls require special care. It’s enough to just lean against such wallpaper (touch it with greasy fingers, leave a mark with colored clothes or shoes etc.), and it immediately looks dirty and untidy. Even if you choose washable options, you will not scrub your walls very often, so take this into account when renovating your home. Some stains that are hard to remove will have to be eliminated only by painting the walls anew.

Dark tiles in the bathroom

Black, dark gray, deep blue or even dark-chocolate tiles look very impressive in the bathroom. However, stains, dirt and dust will not be long in coming, spoiling the look of your bathroom. Alas, flaws are much more noticeable on dark surfaces that on light ones. So think twice the next time you change the interior of your bathroom: are you ready to scrub the dark tiles very often?

Small faucet (and sink) in the bathroom

Of course, the shape (and size) of the faucet and sink is a matter of taste, but, if they are too small, water splashes will remain on the furniture, walls and the floor. In addition to the inconvenience, they are not so easy to clean, and the general view of the bathroom will also be very untidy.

Light-colored furniture

Light-colored furniture looks impressive until you start using it. Especially, if we are talking about snow-white kitchens. It takes one touch to the cupboard handle or a splash over the facade, and you immediately get ugly greasy spots on the surface that are not so easy to remove. Even special sprays and life hacks from the Internet do not help. As a result, your kitchen looks messy and untidy.

Carpet flooring

This type of flooring slowly begins to give up its positions, giving way to compact cozy carpets, laminate or parquet. Many people abandon the idea of carpet flooring because it’s a lot more trouble than good. For example, if you suddenly start sneezing from the dust accumulated in the carpet, you can take it to the dry cleaner’s, clean it yourself, or just roll up and tuck it somewhere. With the carpet flooring, everything is a bit more complicated – you can’t simply roll it up and get it cleaned. Even the daily use of a vacuum cleaner does not guarantee that the carpet flooring will look perfectly clean (especially if there are children and pets in the house).

Open shelves and racks

No matter how beautiful and convenient open shelves are, get ready for the fact that dust and dirt will constantly accumulate on them. In order not to spoil the overall impression of the apartment, you will have to regularly wipe them and make sure that they hold only those items that you are ready to display to others. Everything else should be hidden in a dresser or cabinet.

Plastic ceiling lamps (too dark or too light ones)

Dust and dirt are very noticeable on dark or light plastic lamps, so they need to be cleaned as often as possible (otherwise they will look ugly, indicating that the you are a poor housekeeper). In addition, dark ceiling lamps let light through very poorly, which makes the room look gloomy and depressing.

A bag with plastic bags and old textiles

No matter how often we hear that plastic bags do a lot of harm polluting the environment, many of us continue using and collecting them in their kitchen. Therefore, if you also have such a bag with plastic bags, at least make sure that it does not catch the eye as soon as you cross the threshold of the kitchen. Otherwise it can ruin the impression even of the most expensive interior. As for textiles, remember that dirty, greasy or torn kitchen towels, faded tablecloths or well-worn cases for kitchen pillows will not add neatness to your home. Take care to keep it all clean and immediately get rid of old items.

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