Pictures of Lop-eared Rabbits Part 1


Some of you might have already seen “Cute Pictures of Rabbits”. I’ve got a comment there, where I was asked to share some more pictures of rabbits, in particular, lop-eared ones. I like them myself, this is why here they are.

Cup Rabbit

Baby Rabbit

Computer Genius Rabbit

2 Lop-eared Rabbits

Cute Lop-eared Rabbit

2 Cute Lop-eared Rabbits

2 Lop-eared Egg Rabbits

Heart-shaped Lop-eared Rabbits

Tiny Lop-eared Rabbit

3 Rabbits

Cup Rabbit


  1. You have to show these pictures to your bf, if he doesn’t like rabbits – he will definitely do after he sees them. They all are adorable!

  2. Love the pics! we have a b&w lopear who runs free in the house. potty trained in 2 days. loves kids. 2 yrs. old. name Snoopy.

  3. We have Butters-our lop-eared bunny. He’s big, beautiful & we luv him. Luv the pics,but see nothing like Butters.

  4. i have two lop ear rabbits who are almost 2 now 🙂 love them to peices there called buttons and trixie me and my sister love them sooo much 😀

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