Cute Fennec Fox Pictures


Fennec fox is a small fox with large ears living in Sahara Desert. Fennec foxes are smaller than domestic cats, they grow up to 16 in. Their coats are sand-colored, so they can easily blend with the desert sand. Their large ears are very sensitive, they can hear insects walk on the sand. These cute ears and the friendly character make many people keep a fennec fox as a pet. They are very nice, active and playful – ideal friends.

Fennec Fox Stretching Itself

Cute Fennec Fox

Sly Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox Baby

Fennec Fox in the Desert

Angry Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox Sleeping

Domestic Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox in a Burrow

Black-and-White Fennec Fox Picture


  1. Seriously? Predator? Do you know what this thing eats? It’s only big enough to get little mice out there in the desert, if anything your household dog and cat are more dangerous than this cute little guy.

  2. SO ADORABLE!!! I really want 1 as a pet…maybe 2! What???Predator???Are you a dumbbell or an idiot?! A cat is more a predator than that little cutie!


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