How to Prevent Stretch Marks and Be a Beauty


Normally our skin is elastic, but if you grow really fast, there appear lines on the body which are called stretch marks. It can happen during puberty, pregnancy or postpartum, when the body changes a lot and quickly. The usual places for them are abdomen, breasts, arms and thighs – that are all body parts with larger amounts of fat. Postpartum depressions is also not a rare case. When here appear stretch marks too, postpartum period is becoming nearly beyond endurance. Sometimes stretch marks become almost imperceptible after some postpartum time passes. But sometimes they are so deep that they could even be felt by their haver.


What is a stretch mark?

Our skin consists of three layers: the epidermis (the outer), the dermis and the subcutaneous stratum (the inmost). No stretch mark can appear if there’s enough support in the dermis. The hormones responsible for the occuring of stretch marks prevent the forming of collagen and elasting fibers in the fibroblasts. Collagen and elasting fibers are the main and very important supportive materials when the skin is quickly stretched. As a result of their lack the dermis and the epidermis tear. In these places occur unpleasant stretch marks, spoiling the appearance of our beautiful bodies.

How to prevent stretch marks?

In order to prevent stretch marks, some doctors recommend stomach moisturizing during pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean it could help everyone. For some women stomach moisturizing prevents stretch marks, but some are simply prone to them. About 80% of pregnant women develop stretch marks to some degree. The skin needs to be more flexible to be prepared for pregnancy. Balanced diet, being well-hydrated and moisturizing the pregnant belly help avoid stretch marks. What is also to do with stretch marks is to use creams or undergo laser treatments; dermabrasion is one more remedy. Collagen hydrolysates, Gotu Kola extract and vitamin E can reduce the chance of the occurrence of stretch marks. In case they are too deep they can be removed by more drastic methods provided by the modern medicine. But if it’s not the case, the mentioned ingredients help significantly improve the appearance of the existing stretch marks.

Whether your stretch marks are deep or superficial, don’t hung up on the bad, you are beautiful even with stretch marks!


  1. hi my name is sara and im 16 turning 17 and i have about 1 week left until the due date. i had been using cocoa butter for the first few months of my pregnancy after i started to realise that i had stretch marks on my breasts and also started to use it on my stomach just in case i started to get any stretch marks there..however it wasn’t working on my breasts yet i still had no stretch marks on my stomach but when i had ran out i became lazy and thought that maybe i didnt need it anymore…but when i realised that i had stretch marks slowly showing on my stomach i used a different product bio-oil instead and i thought it was working as my sister (who isn’t pregnant) had used the product once and her stretch marks of 4years had faded instantly ! but i had used it twice daily (as said) but it did not work as my stretch marks just got worse & alot darker…could anyone please tell me how to get rid of these stretch marks…or is it better if i had stayed with cocoa butter even though it did not work on my breast ?? it would be really greatful if anyone could..thank you !!

  2. hi.. i have read your problem and i suggest that try to apply a lotion ALWAYS that is rich in vitamin ACE.. because i strongly believe that those vitamins are very essential for our skin. And also wear something not to tight and not to loose of course.,or something that is not too garterized..
    that’s all, tell me if there’s improvement.

  3. Hey,
    this is really great advice, thanks! although i think my case is different.
    ever since start of high school, i’ve been getting stretch marks on my buttocks and my thighs now i am fourteen and there are more appearing on my thighs. there are heaps! like literally a lot. i can’t believe it seriously. i mean, im not even that big in size and my weight is average for my age. i’ve talked to my mum about it but she just keeps telling me to apply the cocoa butter lotion specifically for stretch marks. i’ve been really depressed lately and have been visiting many sites to find the right answer. please help me!

  4. i am 26 years old lady and i have dark mark on face for last four years i am worried and i had try lot of treatment but it didnot cure my problem.i am really looking dull.i don’t know what to do.pls help me .

  5. I was given the Made from Earth “Aloe & Jojoba Nut Therapy” first by a friend from England as she had had lots of success with her stretch marks. At the time I didn’t use it but then I got pregnant and of course those stretch marks started to arrive.

    I loved the feel of the lotion on my skin and found that it really helped in reducing the itching while my body was stretch into forms I knew not. I do have minor stretch marks but I feel the lotion kept them down and also helped my skin deal with the pregnancy.

    I have also found that when I have a cold it was a great product to dab on my nose and stopped it from drying out. I love this product and now always have a bottle near by.

    It is 4 months since I gave birth to my son and I have been using the Aloe & jojoba therapy (from the MADE FROM EARTH skincare line) on my stretch marks almost every day. I have found my stretch marks look a lot better. I used to have some on my side – but those are now gone! I see a difference between that one that has not received any Made from Earth Aloe Jojoba in the sense it is a lot redder than the others.

    Very recommended for women looking for a treatment to use while pregnant – plus is 100% chemical free and tested.

  6. hi this is hanisha,
     i have strech marks on shoulders and side abs…
    can you suggest me how to remove those marks,
    by natural or home made  Remedies 
    or send me some adresses of consult doctors regarding this..
    this is caused due to reducing weight…
    i go for weight loss treat ment

  7. I really liked the Made from Earth Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy. I didn’t get any strech marks until the last few weeks of my pregnancy and I chalk that up to good genes more than anything. 
    Regardless though the product did keep me from itching my belly as much as my skin tightened and was moisturizing without being to greasy. I am still using the product three weeks after having my baby and the stretch marks seem to be fading away. I am now buying the product for my best friend who is pregnant. I would recommend the Made from Earth Aloe & Jojoba Therapy to everyone who is pregnant! 
    Plus my husband loved the smell of it too!!

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