Body Makeup to Make You Look Hot This Summer


Summer time brings in a lot of fun with feelings rising of spending more and more time on the beach or at a public swimming pool with all your friends. But if your busy schedule has made you sink into files where there has been no time left for you to work out and maintain a perfect figure this season, It Cosmetics has the solution for you.

It Cosmetics

You can get the most desirable body within minutes just at the cost of $39.00. How?

It Cosmetics has designed a very special makeup kit for women. You can begin with adding highlights to your legs with the help of Contour and Highlighting Palette. Your legs will gain hot curves and cuts within a blink.

Smokin' Hot Legs

Your abs is specially taken care of by It Cosmetics kit which contains Abs in a Box Contour and Highlighting Palette for obtaining fit cuts.

Abs in a Box

And for all the women who want to make their breasts look fuller and healthier making them peep-out of the hot bikini piece this season, you can add a natural bounce to them by the Breasts Contour and Highlighting Palette from this kit.

My Beautiful Breasts

The It Cosmetics Kit also contains a help guide with diagrams to help you in applying the makeup effectively so you don’t do in a wrong way.

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  1. For summer ’09 try Coonobabe makeup. It is modestly priced made in the USA, and they ship anywhere in the world for free.

  2. I saw an interview with the dancers on the TV show Dancing with the Stars and they all said they swear by this brand of makeup and it is waterproof so it makes their bodies look great in the skimpy outfits without coming off. Also the one dancer Karina says she uses the Abs in a Box and also the Beautiful Breasts and they’ve kept her from wanting to get an enhancement done. This is so cool. After I saw it on TV I meant to look for it online, I am so happy you wrote about this. Going to go check it out, I see it is on too. Thanks!

  3. Wow that is very sad. If I was with a woman and I noticed she was wearing this stuff, I would run away very quickly. Just be real, please.

  4. Lex, do you run when you are with a girl wearing mascara or blush? Same thing. Also, you might appreciate this but apparently many guys wear their men’s body makeup too. Including NFL player Reggie Bush in the photoshoot with Kim Kardashian for GQ or W magazine.

  5. Maggie. looks like your got that guy good.
    though still i would never purchase these things, just another way to waste your money. Just accept your body figure, or work out?

  6. Do they really work? What if, I stay by the poolside or seashore with those great  muscle tones, then I swim. After swimming of course they would be gone, right? People will notice. That will be weird.  Just be yourself, stay natural whether you’re skinny or not. You’re not there to please everybody, right? 🙂

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