How Office Work Affects the Health of Your Breast

Everyone knows that physical exercises promote health while sedentary job deteriorates it. Still, not a single office clerk has challenged its employer with claims for work-related injury payouts so far. The first ever to this were 37 Danish women who were recently awarded damages for their work-related injuries claim.

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Night Shifts and Breast Cancer Risk

Over the past year, the Danish National Board of Industrial Injuries registered 75 claims from women who got breast cancer caused by working night shifts. Based on claims, the Board classified breast cancer as occupational disease. “It is not ruled out that we will document the link between working night shifts and breast cancer and include it on the list of occupational diseases” – says Anne Lind Madsen, Director General of the National Board of Industrial Injuries.

How Biorhythm Upset Affects Breast Health

Biorhythm upset associated with working night shifts affects women’s endocrine system, triggering the development of hormone-related tumors. Back in 2001, scientific studies showed how sleeping problems could hamper melatonin production which is essential for cancer prevention, and established the fact that night work increased the risk of malignant tumors by staggering 60%.

The Effect of Office Work on Breast Health

But woes don’t end here. Daytime sedentary work in the office is immensely bad for female health, too. According to scientists from the University of South Carolina, regular physical exercises cut the risk of breast cancer by three times. In this respect, housewives are luckier as laundering, cleaning and other household chores work like fitness for them. Steve Blair, ex-president of the American College of Sports Medicine and the head of the study says that those who sit in front of computer a whole working day have three times higher cancer mortality risk.

So now we’ve learned that office work is deadly enemy of female breast. Notice that typical work place is designed in such a way that emissions from computer monitor are directed right towards the breast area. If a system unit is also placed on the table, not beneath it, total emissions level hazards breasts, heart and other organs.

Posture and Breast Health

We can also say a lot about negative effects of sedentary job on the posture. Spending too much time before the computer leads to back discomfort, weaker muscles, nerve jams, spine curvatures, poor blood circulation, and problems in collar zone which may be as serious as osteochondrosis. Women have less developed back muscles – and actually most of the other muscle groups – than men, so the posture deteriorates faster, hurting breasts badly.

When you have an inappropriate static position of the body, like when you hunch you back or stoop your shoulders, breast muscles which give support and aesthetic look to our breasts get weaker very quickly, followed by losing their shape eventually.

Add bad emissions from the computer screen which results in pre-mature aging of the skin and you get pretty sad picture. There is little hope regulatory bodies in any country will agree to classify this kind of damage as occupational injury, though actually this is it. The solution for female office workers may be to initiate fitness breaks to tone their muscles back after sitting before the computer.

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