5 Methods of Making Stretch Marks Less Noticeable


Every woman can have a particular time in her life, when she is prone to develop stretch marks. Some women just have a genetic predisposition to stretch marks and get them without significant reasons. Other women never develop stretch marks even after 4 pregnancies, but such lucky beauties are rare species. I have already written about the occurrence of stretch marks and some ways of their prevention. In this story I am sharing with you are some other remedies for stretch marks, which, though they are effective against stretch marks, can be made at your home.


Unfortunately it is impossible to totally get rid of stretch marks using only home remedies. What you can do at home to stretch marks is to make them less noticeable. Here are some useful tips for it:

  1. Exercise more, because it tones your muscles and makes your skin more elastic.
  2. Eat food with plenty of protein and rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, because they promote good tissue growth.
  3. Massage your body in the places, where stretch marks occurred. In order to make the massage more effective, use olive oil.
  4. Apply cocoa butter and elastin cream on the stretch marked areas of your body.
  5. You can also try the following recipe against stretch marks.
  • 1/2 cup virgin olive oil.
  • 1/4 cup aloe vera gel.
  • liquid from 6 capsules of Vitamin E.
  • liquid from 4 capsules of Vitamin A.

Take these ingredients, mix them together in a blender. After that pour the mixture into a jar and store it in the fridge. Apply the substance on the body areas, where you have stretch marks and, as you are prone to them, apply it also on other zones without stretch marks, but where stretch marks normally appear (abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts). This will help reduce the size and appearance of the existing stretch marks and prevent their further occurrence.


  1. thank you for this valuable information. I have been facing stretch marks for years. Gained and lost so much weight that it only made it worse. thank you for taking your time to do this and help others 😀

  2. I’m pregnant now and one morning my husband says, “you should really make sure you put that cocoa butter all the way on the sides.” 
    I’m like “what?!?” and yes, sure enough, there were stretch marks radiatiing from my ribcage toward my belly, all the way around my front. It sort of looked like I got clawed by a tiger with about 40 toes, and each vertical mark was maybe 4 inches long. I went online that same day and bought the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark Treatment, and applied it fatihfully several times a day to these new stretch marks for at least a week (now I remember only 2-3X/day). Now, about 4 weeks later, there is literally nothing there. 
    I’m choosing to buy this Max Powers Stretch Mark cream since it seems like the best price per ounce, and if I notice new marks, I want to be well-armed to treat them as soon as possible. Dr Max Powers does say their product works best on new marks, and I can certainly vouch for its effectiveness in my case. I’ve also been continuing to use cocoa butter cream mixed with pure vitamin E oil from the healthfood store ($5 for a small vial). After a friend’s doctor warned her not to use Vitamin E oil after varicose vein surgery, as the scars would heal too rapidly, I’ve been a believer in its powers.

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