Victoria Beckham Does Not Want to Have More Children


Victoria Beckham Does Not Want to Have More ChildrenVictoria Beckham refuted the rumors that say that she wants to have a forth baby but although Victoria and David try hard to give birth to another Beckham, they have not conceived one yet. “I am too busy for that!” – “Posh Spice” stated.

Victoria says: “I used to think about this before but right now it is just not the right time. I do not even have time to think about something like that since our three boys take up a lot of time. We live a very busy life in Los Angeles! Brooklyn plays soccer, Romeo does gymnastics, and Cruz – break-dancing. Moreover, they have school too.”

“Posh Spice”, however, noted that she admires Angelina Jolie and Madonna since their families increase every now and then as new babies join them. At the same time she confessed that this is not something she and David can do. “We respect those people who adopt children very much, but I must say that we do not consider doing something of the kind. We already have our hands full with our three children!”