Tyra Banks’s Odd Facewear


Last Thursday Tyra Banks showed up at French Vogue’s 90th Anniversary Party in Paris elegantly attired in a tight black dress – and a matching netted mask covering her face.

Tyra Banks in homemade facewear

Following her Twitter announcement that the accessory that drew everybody’s eye was homemade, fans of the 36-year-old TV host and model lined up to guess what the mask had been made of. The guesses included a piece of underwear, a wig cap or a hair net pulled over the face, even a piece off a curtain. But nobody hit the mark.

Tyra Banks in homemade facewear

Banks had to disclose her design ideas herself. Having come across a pair of cheap fishnet stockings at a Paris store, she brought them home and in a fit of inspiration remodeled them into a quaint facewear.

She also applied makeup and made her hairdo herself.

Source of the image: Usmagazine, Glamour.