Posh Is Looking for House in Milan


While her kids Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz were enjoying themselves in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Victoria Beckham was hurrying to an airport in L.A. to catch a flight to New York where she’ll present new Armani advertising campaign.

Victoria Beckham in Airport

Meanwhile, rumors have been around that the former Spice Girl has ripen for the move on to Milan and is now looking for a house
for her brood. Victoria hated the idea of moving to Milan at first but she’s warmed to it. Maybe she changed her mind because her friends Domenico and Stefano live there?

David Beckham, who still has a contract with L.A. Galaxy, is currently playing for Milan. He actually has to split his time between two homes. But Beckham is planning to settle down in Europe for good.

Beckham Kids

Source of the images: fadedyouthblog.com.