Google's Most Popular Celebs 2012


Google has released its list of the world’s most popular searches in 2012. It seemed that Kate Middleton was supposed to take the first place in the “People” category. However, the Duchess of Cambridge is only second. The list is topped by another woman.

Whitney Houston

In 2012, Google recorded 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages. Kate’s name has been looked for very actively. The Internet users watched her tour of the Pacific Ocean, were interested in Kate’s participation in celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of the United Kingdom, followed her during the London Olympics, and, finally, were cheered by the news about her pregnancy. In addition, Kate’s dresses, her makeup and shopping also drew people’s attention.

But all of this did not outnumber the stunning amount of search queries connected with the tragic departure of singer Whitney Houston. It was she who took the first place in Google’s ranking. Kate took the second line.

Houston was also ahead of Kate in another category. In the list of “search queries”, Kate was on the 6th place, while Whitney took the 1st position.