Mary-Kate Olsen Is Pregnant?


Mary-Kate Olsen The National Enquirer tabloid started a rumor saying that Mary-Kate Olsen is pregnant. She has gained some weight and currently weights over 102 pounds! The source commented that she looks noticeably rounder and that it is a good sign, since gaining weight is good for ex-anorexics. Yet, the source also noted that a lot of people suspect that she hides her pregnancy.

The magazine suggests that the father of the baby is the artist Nate Lowman. Nate, however, wrote earlier that Mary-Kate left him for Jonah Hill. So, stock up on your patience and wait for a couple of months to know for sure. If she is really pregnant, she will not be able to hide it for too long.

Is Mary-Kate Olsen Expecting a Baby?

Photos of Mary-Kate Olsen:


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