Kate Hudson Enjoys Alex Rodriguez’s Company for Dinner


You will find Kate Hudson’s effigy hailing you from the cover of the December issue of Elle UK with her comprehension of male character inside. At her 30 years, the actress believes men to be not much better than boys who are occupied chiefly with food, game scores and masturbation. As for the conversation, men are hopeless, “they just hear certain keywords.”

Kate Hudson & Alex Rodriguez

Did Alex Rodriguez, in whose company she dined two days ago (November 3) at Le Bilboquet on the New York Upper East Side, fall into the same category? Or is there a chance that he managed to produce a slightly more favorable impression?

Not much of a chance, really. “I love boys…but I believe they’re really simple,” is what Kate says. She also endorses Dr. Laura’s opinion that all men want from women is sex and to make them a sandwich. So, men are open books to Hudson! Be warned, bearded sex!

Source of the image: justjared.com.