A Dozen Plus Thrifty Celebrities


Celebrities and their money surely seems to be a subject in great favor with reporters. As soon as an A-lister acquires a new house or a car we get to know about it – wherever we were surfing there would be a link tо the new article telling us all the details of the purchase. This kind of news is certain to engage people’s attention for different reasons: there are people for whom expansive spending is a source of wonder and amazement at the unrestrained lifestyle celebs can afford; other readers sigh and get unnerved by what they regard as wanton throwing away of good money. We cannot work ourselves free from these reactions, nor can we judge them for what they do with their money. They have a perfect right to use their dollars for fulfilling their wishes – isn’t it what we want to have money for, after all? We want all the luxury we can lay our hands on – on the stipulation that our budget remains stable.

This seems to be a universal tendency, yet strangely enough, there are people whose spending habits are bordering on frugality – considering tons of greenbacks they are earning. Celebrities whose paychecks are in millions can lead routine lives of those who live off monthly salaries. They don’t look on their fortunes as on a glorious possibility to splurge on everything that captures their fancy; their fame doesn’t incite them to impress other people with what they have and can get. Here are some examples of devilishly rich people who don’t throw their cash around and are quite happy to live as though they haven’t amassed bucks in millions.

Eva Longoria

Whenever we have a chance to take a glimpse of the Desperate Housewives star she invariably looks marvelously glamorous as if she has just stepped out of a beauty salon. You’d say she must have spent a bagful of greens to look like that and to live in conformity with the image, but actually Eva Longoria couldn’t care less how other people regard her. No matter how high her earnings are, she opts for living like a girl next door. Meanwhile when portraying Gabrielle Solis, the character who established her popularity, Longoria received an astounding sum of $375,000 for each episode. What with her other appearances, both in movies and on TV – plus she is engaged in other businesses unrelated to the movie industry.

Longoria has been taught some rules of simple living at the time when her father made her accustomed to camping life – when a child little Eva lived by the gifts of the land and she knows that money is not so totally important as many of us are led to believe.

The occasion when she showed her generosity was her wedding – apart from making a grand affair out of it, she arranged for all the guests to receive keepsakes, pleasing those invited without ruining her bank account. That’s the ability to handle the budget!

Eric Clapton

A guitar player in a million, Eric Clapton holds a great sway in the world of music, well-earned since his first attempts in the 1960s. He’s known and respected as a singer and composer as well as a blues virtuoso; he’s made history, inspired other guitarists and is still very much in business in his 70ies. Incidentally, he managed to build up a very impressive fortune – but can you tell it by looking at him? He doesn’t wear his dollar on his sleeve, it’s not his style.

Now you would hardly expect to run into Clapton in a laundromat taking care of his clothes and waiting while his bundle gets done – but L.A. citizens can and have done it, for this guy doesn’t mind seeing to things himself. Outwardly he still fancies jeans and comfortable old clothes that he always wore, so he looks like one in the crowd who gets his clothes from the store round the corner. A whacking part of his earnings has been spent on a very remarkable art collection he owes, but otherwise he sticks to frugal habits.

Jennifer Lawrence

At her 26 Jennifer Lawrence remains the same casual, seemingly ordinary girl with both of her feet planted firmly on the ground – even after her success in The Hunger Games and other pictures, after grabbing an Oscar and splashing her name all over the world. Being famous, Lawrence draws an awesome salary and has all that it needs to come out splurging in a big way and act like a real Hollywood starlet who buys everything in sight. Instead, she insists that it’s not the kind of life most suited for her.

She retained many of habits from way back when she was just another aspiring actress: she goes shopping herself, isn’t above using coupons and is known to dislike paying for valet parking. So far Lawrence owns the apartment she bought the first time she came to Los Angeles striving to capture attention, thereby proving she’s not there for burning money. She’s keeping a tight grip on her panem so there will be no hunger games for her in real life!

Tobey Maguire

Better known nowadays as Spider Man, Tobey Maguire rocketed to new heights of fame and recognition as a star of this superhero trilogy. Such an abrupt rise could have made a lot of people dizzy, but Maguire is of those guys whose head stays screwed on tight.

He learned the principles of economic lifestyle in his childhood. His family wasn’t poor, but it was not free with money either. He grew up recognizing the value of the dollar. Also, he had to go to and fro between his divorced parents. Later his problems were aggravated by teenage drinking bouts. All this went to teach the actor to go carefully where money are concerned. Now he can rest assured that he will be financially provided and will be able to work for pleasure, not for keeping body and soul together.

About the only big purchase of his was a necessary one – he bought a nice house for his family, but apart from that his lifestyle is very far from lavish. On the completion of the Spider Man trilogy Maguire hasn’t been much sought after for a while – a good chance to enjoy spending quality time with his family – yet his money-handling methods can be relied upon for the boon of his people.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s is a many-faceted talent which still awaits its full recognition – she is an actress, a singer and writes her own songs. She has been with us for more than 10 years after her success at the American Idol, and she means to go higher. Although she has walked only a small section of her road she has already gathered quite a lot of fame and fortune, too. We see it didn’t turn her head, even though it could have occurred easily, what with her being so young when it all began. But no.

Underwood belongs with the country, she enjoys living in the countryside – the garish charms of “bright lights, big city” are totally lost on her. A child of earth, she lives in a home not resembling in appearance those of more pompous stars, goes to local shops for her makeup, turns up at Walgreens and generally behaves like people who live on the same street with her.

Sarah Jessica Parker

We remember Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, rigged up in designer outfits, toting glamorous handbag, sporting excellent shoes, with her hair done to perfection. We could have given our back teeth that Carrie was the dead spit of Sarah Jessica herself. Actually the reality is just the opposite – the two can’t be further apart. Despite having raked in a lot of money for that series (not forgetting her other good jobs of work!) Parker lives well below her earnings. She is a down to the ground practical woman, still keeping her Carrie things, getting hand-down clothing for her children and refraining from forking out wads of money for expensive things. When she was a child the eight of them lived on welfare, and that’s what Parker doesn’t want to happen again, ever. So she makes sure she will find only the best use for her millions.

Dave Grohl

An almost legendary figure in the music world, Nirvana’s ex-drummer, after Cobain’s band folded Grohl went on to form Foo Fighters, his solo project that grew beyond his expectations. Besides singing and writing for the band, he does directing and producing work, so there’s little wonder that his fortune adds up to over $200 million. Grohl is firmly in with the rich! So he could easily be leading the typical rock’n’roll life throwing around money like dirt and paying hotels for wreckages he made in their suites. On the contrary, Grohl does not only hold conservative views, but also minds his children for whom he wants to be a good example. Being conservative, he thinks of the time when he won’t be able or won’t want to work on, so he wants to keep a hold on his cabbage to last him through life. Setting an example, he shows his kids the right attitude to money. Not having received much of an education, he means to stay savvy in terms of the family budget and ensure financial security for his family.

Renee Zellweger

Of course you remember Bridget Jones, and logically, Renee Zellweger (or maybe the other way round?). When you see her about, in life or on photos, you get a glimpse of a girl who looks like a million dollars – and you will be quite sure that she buys makeup and clothing at the most fashionable stores for hundreds and thousands at a go. Also that she lives only for walking on the red carpets and smiling at reporters’ flashes. Nevertheless, when these events are over and she can go back on her own, Zellweger keeps to the frugal side of living. The actress is always on the lookout for bargains so that some people believe she is a miser, collecting all those coupons. Yes, she is an inveterate collector, taking after her father in being thrifty and economic.

Jay Leno

The membership of the Television Hall of Fame in due time marked the achievements of Jay Leno, actor, comedian, TV host and philanthropist. He is known to people worldwide as a TV host, but his fame is far wider than that and goes beyond the television industry.

Besides, Leno is famed for his wonderful collection of cars, classic makes which he buys up enthusiastically and for which he pays through the nose more than we can begin to imagine. This is the only splurge he indulges in. Otherwise, Leno is busy saving. That’s what he did with his salary for Tonight Show, laying it aside and spending only the money that came from his comedy pieces. The house he lives in with his wife is not up to the level of other stars’ places. Rumors have it that Leno doesn’t like it when he has to pay up for services, and can go as far as withholding small change… A bit overboard, that, but it may be just empty rumors.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, with his perpetual-youth look, featuring in some of the best-remembered movies of two centuries, seems to be a fixture in the industry. The amount of earnings he makes from each of his movies is so huge that now he can be fastidious about the movie he will appear in next and turn down undesirable offers.

His fortune is considered immense even by Hollywood standards (many people get that much for a lifetime of work), and he uses it to make his life comfortable. Nevertheless, in general his spending habits are strongly inclined to frugality. Can you think of another movie king of DiCaprio’s description driving around in a Toyota Prius? If the truth is to be told, it’s his only car, and has been for quite a while, too. No posh cars every year for Leo! According to him, he is fond of saving money, and if he must spend, then he would rather spend his dough on helping out people whose luck walked out on them. What a great way to spend!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

In such a motley crowd as the one hanging in and around Hollywood, there are not many those renowned for their nice nature. One of them is Sarah Michelle Gellar – a pleasant person completely devoid of arrogance, pomposity and flatulence. First of all, she’s not the one to push her face in on every star event, doesn’t like to attend red carpet ceremonies and can’t be found in hotspots where celebrities go to socialize.

Gellar is married to Freddie Prinze, Jr., an actor whom you know from Scooby Doo, and they both agree on leading a humble life trying to show their children how they should handle the money issue. Gellar is the next one on the list of high-listers who are not above using coupons, go for sale articles, and eschew exorbitant prices. When it comes to parting with some of her money, she gives big sums (as well as a lot of her time) to charitable organizations. She harks these habits back to her mother – she taught her to help people who stand in direr need in money than she. There are other things beside dollars that can make us rich, and Sarah could tell us a lot about them.

Sir Paul McCartney

Speaking of musicians who made their mark in history, one can’t bypass ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, now known as Sir Paul McCartney, knighted for his musical exploits. A performer of brilliance, playing on all instruments imaginable, he composed a string of hits that would make most of other musical fellows green. Starting his career in 1950s (imagine that!), Sir Paul from Yesterday to Here Today piled up so much dough that he belongs to the ultra rich of this world from all walks of life – not only from composers and band leaders.

The man cares a lot about music and catchy tunes, but he doesn’t like to count his earnings. He was heard to pronounce that love is more important to him than any amount of money in the bank. While private education is fairly expensive, the fees are only a flea’s bite to people like Sir Paul – yet his children attended state schools, probably the only children of a billionaire to do so. Among his friends he is known as a fellow who doesn’t mind when they stand drinks and pick up the tab afterwards. All are equal in a British pub.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is undoubtedly at the height of her career, as a singer as well as an actress, and she is surely making money fast at the moment. If we take into account her hubby, Dax Shepard, who adds his share to the family budget, the sum grows to assume mega proportions, and the two can hardly be living in need of anything. When you are so well endowed with worldly goods, you are inclined to use them, whether judiciously or not. There are wedding anniversaries, special occasions, and other dates calling for a really good celebration. When celebrities get wedded they put themselves out to make something special and memorable of it so that it would be talked about for days and weeks, which means unburdening their wallets in a big way. Still, when our couple attended Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding, the glamour of the occasion struck them to such an extent that they made up their minds to go simple.

So they did – and probably overdid it! The expenses of $142 are somewhat a surprise for a wedding day, and even that sum they sort of got recouped after they returned a gift. So it was a free occasion, and for people worth millions it is next to unbelievable.

Tyra Banks

When we consider the wide gap between rolling in millions and living frugally, there’s no other example as Tyra Banks – here’s a lady who amassed dough in quantities during all her television years, producing years, singing years, etc. Yet she is undoubtedly frugal, and those who will not agree with it will insist she is awfully frugal!

On her travels, in hotels and other on-the-way places, she would stuff her bag with all the free bottles, towels and things (some of which are really the hotel’s property and should stay where they were). She uses all the products at home instead of stocking on them in stores. She was even worse before – if we are to believe her own mother who also brands her as frugal. She spoke of an incident from Tyra’s younger days when she brought home from a friend’s party leftover shreds of meat off chickens and then put them into an omelette she was cooking. Bet Banks could top this story if she only chose to!