Sky Yoga


One day, after a long flight, a Broadway dancer, gymnast, director and choreographer Christopher Harrison was lying in the hammock, when he realized that all the tiredness had vanished.


This discovery was the impetus for the creation of a completely new workout – anti-gravity yoga. The main simulator is antigravity hammock. In appearance, it resembles a hammock made of durable fabric, and a few extra safety straps to help distribute the load evenly and change the position of the body. As a general rule, people fix this hammock at the height of 1 m above the floor, so it is impossible to fall and get hurt.

Why Making Sky Yoga?

What is the purpose: sky yoga develops flexibility and grace, when performing gymnastic exercises in a suspended state, and the body is pulled from the feet to the top of the head. The classes can reduce the appearance of scoliosis, improve posture and joint mobility. They also promote relaxation and relief of stress in the spine.

If you cannot do inverted asanas, try to practice them in a suspended position – it’s much easier and less dangerous. An exceptional posture during the class is called Savasana (complete rest). In a hammock, it gives an absolute pleasure and an incomparable feeling of weightlessness and total relaxation that is so necessary after a hard day at work.

Sky Yoga Contraindications

Contraindications: sky yoga is not recommended during pregnancy, glaucoma, heart problems, if you have recently had a surgery or if you have recently been injected with Botox.

Yoga as Treatment

The studies have shown that the practice of asanas and meditation, used in the course of treatment, reduces painful symptoms of arthritis, back problems, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic diseases.